About Old Storytellers or a Game of Campfire Lore is a Historical fantasy tabletop role-playing game, published by Thrill Land and released on January 26, 2018. The game suite comprises of a core rule-book supplemented by a Story Guide and Character Sheets. Released in PDF format, the game is billed as a "Make Your Own Adventure Game" and stylized in the manner of 1980s video game manuals.[1] The game PDFs are available for free download online.

Description Edit

The setting of About Old Storytellers centers on four key elements: lumberjacks, a lost North American republic, secret fraternal order and "invisible world."[1] Gamemasters, known as Storytellers, have the option of devising their own setting from these elements or using an in-house model. The core rules cover interactive storytelling, combat, scoring and character creation. The Story Guide lists monsters, natural hazards, ghosts, etc. with a brief description of each.[2] These are chosen at random by rolling three dice, each corresponding with a specified dice roll. Character Sheets provide selections on tools, survival skills, greatest weakness, biggest fears, etc. Each are included with suggestions for modes of combat as well as antiquate swearing. [3]

Game design Edit

Game play relies on a point-based system. All playable characters and creatures include three statistical categories: Grit representing resistant to attack, Fervor representing effectiveness of attack and Resolve representing overall game life. Both Fervor and Grit are divided into six separate corresponding types: Principle of Thought (Mental), Rule of Force (Physical), Nature of Being (Emotional), Will of Spirit (Spiritual), Law of Relation (Environmental) and Unity of Life (Interpersonal). There usage is governed by ten rules known as the "Rules of Engagement." At the discretion of the gamemaster precedence is given to storytelling over rules.[4] The games utilizes tragic flaws to drive player interaction.

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