Amyulef is the name of the largest continent of the world in the fantasy campaign setting Emergalv created in 2002 by Avian Savara. It is named after the Amyul, whose presence brought about the changes that warranted the creation of the great civilisations of the west.

Kingdoms and Empires in Amyulef[]

  • Empire of Maelquin (Maelquin Proper with its provinces of Sefoyij, Faria, Morrotja and Northern Chisera)
  • Empire of Sadnoviek (Sadnoviek Proper with its provinces)
  • Groend of Atnaxotja
  • Coend of Ceoron
  • Havv of Caeldhavost
  • Kingdom of Qosta
  • Kingdom of Chisera
  • Island Realm of Jumki