• Character Name: Arran

I am Arran of the Ultramarines. I served in 3 Company, Demi Squad Lazarus as heavy weapons trooper.

I came to Jericho Reach with Liz. She´s is my Mark IV Ultra Pattern heavy bolter.

  • Devastator
  • Chapter: Ultramarines, 3rd Company, 3rd Squad
  • Chapter Demenanour: The Chosen Son
  • Personal Demenaour: Calculating
  • Characteristics:
WS: 43, BS: 61, Str: 51, T:45, Ag: 41, Int: 42, Per: 50, WP: 36, Fel: 44
  • Skills
Trained : Awareness (T, Per), Concealment (T, Ag), Climb (T, Str), Command (T, Fel), Chapter Runes (T, Int), Chapter Runes Deathwatch (T, Int), Common Lore Adeptus Astartes (T, Int), Common Lore Deathwatch (T, Int), CommonLore Imperium (T, Int), Common Lore War (T, Int), Forbidden Lore Xenos (T, Int), Forbidden Lore Adeptus Astartes (T, Int), Forbidden Lore Mutants (T, Int), Drive Ground Vehicles (T, Ag ), Literacy (T, Int), Scholastic Lore Codex Astartes (T, Int), Navigation Surface (T, Int), Speak Language HighGothic (T, Int), Speak Language Low Gothic (T, Int), Silent Move (T, Ag), Tracking (T, Int),
Tactics Defensive Doctrine(T, Int)
Basic: Barter(B, Fel), Carouse (B, T), Charm (B, Fel), Contortionist (B, Ag), Deceive (B, Fel), Disguise (B, Fel), Dodge (B, Ag), Evaluate (B),Gamble (B, Int), Inquiry (B, Fel), Intimitade (B, S), Scrutiny (B, Per), Search (B, Per), Swim (B, S),
  • Space Marine Talents & Traits:
  • Distinctions: Campaign Hero (Avalos), Distinction Mark: Lord of the Domain (Avalos),
Ambidexterous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bulging Biceps, Heightend Senses (Hearing, Sight), Killing Strike, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistence (Psychic Powers), True Grit, Unarmed Master, Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2), Unrelenting Devastation (1D5 extra damage to hordes, Dev), Chosen Son
  • Wounds: 23
  • Fate Point: 4
  • Insanity: 0
  • Corruption: 0
  • Movement: Half (4), Full (8), Charge (12), Run (24)


  • Armory:
Astartes Heavy Bolter with Fast Reload Switch ( 60 rounds feeder), Bolt Pistol, Mack Knife
  • Gear:
Astartes Heavy Weapons Ammo Supply Backpack (250 rounds); Cingulum (+3 Leadership)
  • Special:
Bionic Heart (Armor+1(chest), grants Sprint-Talent), Bionic Arm (right, Strength+20), Implanted Respirator System (+20 Thoghness to volatlie Poisons), Icon of Inspiration (+3 Command), Astartes Power Armor (Fury Like Lightning: +5 Ag, +1 on Initiative)

Renown: Basic 3 + 5 (Avalos) = 8

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