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Equal parts mischief, skill, and altruism, this anxious party finds its way in the world.





  • Awree (human newsrunner), yelling in the streets, exchanging jobs:
"Reliable news from a resourceful runner! Cold coin for consistent curiosity."
  • Borta (human metalsmithess), scarred mightily, toiling away in her workshop, experimenting with powder and ballistics:
"Yeah, i can fiddle with that. We'll draw up plans and hammer it out by morning."
"This is incredible. I'll begin work right away."
  • Boyle Burel (human bar-proprieter), massive, friendly, limping owner of The Burly Trunk
  • Brulia (human courtesan), works at Pink Participle, haircolor constantly changing
  • Councilman Aldo (human merchant), owner of the Pink Participle in Asheville
  • Councilwoman Bestrol (human expert), administrating and personally invested in Asheville's Polder Project
  • Councilman Darri Bey (human administrator), rotund, huffy, and always about:
"We will not stand for this! Show yourself at last, Ornell, we have pressing matters to discuss!"
"Finally, he arrives! Let's get this damned business underway."
  • Councilman Farkis (human), crowd corraler and prisoner parader:
"These orcs will be executed for the continued affronts of their people! We cannot rest until they are crushed!"
  • Councilman Kolik (human), popular and festive, open follower of Cayden Cailean:
"Bottoms up! Forks in! Cares away!"
  • Councilman Newlin (human merchant), out on business
  • Councilman Ornell (human archmage), just returned to public eye after month-long hiatus:
"The orcs are planning an assault. We need to take the fight to them!"
  • Cpt. Dilo (human soldier/administrator), young, determined, and direct:
"We'll root out this cult."
"Launching a campaign this close to winter can only lead to disaster."
  • Geela (human clericess of Sarenrae), middle-aged temple matron
  • Glaryn (gnome ex-soldier/bar-proprieter), small, hawkish owner of The Bloody Birch
  • Gromaia (elf enchantress), hidden, facepainted, and unbudging in price:
"Énter. Presént. If it is whát you wísh, it sháll be dóne."
  • Joon Poptail (human monk), loud, tattooed, wild-eyed:
"Smile at the crowd while you still have teeth! ::cackle::"
  • Keelan (human lumbermiller), massive, protective, proud of his business
  • Kulsa (human necromancess), thin, hunched, eagerly smells everything near her
  • Ofcr. Liam (human soldier), head of the the Elite Fifty foray around Holkhaven
  • Melekos (human veterinarian), fearless, intent on healing
  • Mora (human mouthpiecess), small, reserved, stern, blue-robed:
"You are not to speak to anyone of this. You will be paid for your silence and your success."
"I am convinced that Ornell is in league with a higher sinister power. We must work against him."
  • Plurin "The Many" (human), self-styled King of Shadows
  • Tirik (human adventurer), legendary savior of Ashville
  • Yern (human warpriest), right hand and advisor to Cpt. Dilo:
"This helm heralds an Urgathoan incursion. Where did you find it?"

  • Sgt. Wiggly Killborne (half-orc mercenary/trapper/business-owner), square jaw, impeccable hair:
"That's right, lads, put your backs into it! We'll be back home in no time to fondle women and swim in wine!"
  • Lazl (dark-elf metalsmith), quiet, ebony-skinned, red eyed, with a long white braid of hair:
"I can make more, if you like."
  • Cpt. Oren (human guardhead), chews absently, takes uncomfortably long to reply:
"Yeap, i never trusted nobody 'round these here parts. Least of all you."
  • Seelik (human sailor), owner and pilot of the Iced Keel longship:
"All the way to Ro'Dal! Have you ever seen the source of the river?"
  • Da'arsa the Reefclaw (human second-in-command), unrelenting, harsh:
"Back in formation! Silence! The wind will guide us if we are keen enough to listen."
  • Qawlaab (human master alchemist), venerable, oblivious, ingenious:
"Hee hee hee hee hee! Oh, i like these fine grains very much!"
  • Wasul (human warrior-trainer), stoic, matter-of-fact:
"We have lost four youths to you. And you leave us a foul cave?
  • Zeefor (human leader), patient, sincere, faithful:
"Gozreh has surely brought you to us. Can you help my people?"
Other Locales:
  • Brustalt (Game Island, human gamerunner)
"Be you prey or predator? I'll give you the true opportunity to find out!"
"Excellent find! I'll pay handsomely for more."




  • Edgepoint
  • Trent
  • Straddleside
  • Palebrook
  • Holkhaven (near Ft. Yorsken)



  • Ft. Yorsken (near Holkhaven near Asheville)

Geographical Features[]

  • Hialeah Forest
  • Great Spine
  • Silt Sea
  • Mt. Locar


  • Tirik Expanse




Great Spine (south) Gray River (central)