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Equal parts mischief, skill, and altruism, this anxious party finds its way in the world.





  • Awree (human newsrunner), yelling in the streets, exchanging jobs:
"Reliable news from a resourceful runner! Cold coin for consistent curiosity."
  • Borta (human metalsmithess), scarred mightily, toiling away in her workshop, experimenting with powder and ballistics:
"Yeah, i can fiddle with that. We'll draw up plans and hammer it out by morning."
"This is incredible. I'll begin work right away."
  • Boyle Burel (human bar-proprieter), massive, friendly, limping owner of The Burly Trunk
  • Brulia (human courtesan), works at Pink Participle, haircolor constantly changing
  • Councilman Aldo (human merchant), owner of the Pink Participle in Asheville
  • Councilwoman Bestrol (human expert), administrating and personally invested in Asheville's Polder Project
  • Councilman Darri Bey (human administrator), rotund, huffy, and always about:
"We will not stand for this! Show yourself at last, Ornell, we have pressing matters to discuss!"
"Finally, he arrives! Let's get this damned business underway."
  • Councilman Farkis (human), crowd corraler and prisoner parader:
"These orcs will be executed for the continued affronts of their people! We cannot rest until they are crushed!"
  • Councilman Kolik (human), popular and festive, open follower of Cayden Cailean:
"Bottoms up! Forks in! Cares away!"
  • Councilman Newlin (human merchant), out on business
  • Councilman Ornell (human archmage), just returned to public eye after month-long hiatus:
"The orcs are planning an assault. We need to take the fight to them!"
  • Cpt. Dilo (human soldier/administrator), young, determined, and direct:
"We'll root out this cult."
"Launching a campaign this close to winter can only lead to disaster."
  • Geela (human clericess of Sarenrae), middle-aged temple matron
  • Glaryn (gnome ex-soldier/bar-proprieter), small, hawkish owner of The Bloody Birch
  • Gromaia (elf enchantress), hidden, facepainted, and unbudging in price:
"Énter. Presént. If it is whát you wísh, it sháll be dóne."
"Smile at the crowd while you still have teeth! ::cackle::"
  • Keelan (human lumbermiller), massive, protective, proud of his business
  • Kulsa (human necromancess), thin, hunched, eagerly smells everything near her
  • Ofcr. Liam (human soldier), head of the the Elite Fifty foray around Holkhaven
  • Melekos (human veterinarian), fearless, intent on healing
  • Mora (human mouthpiecess), small, reserved, stern, blue-robed:
"You are not to speak to anyone of this. You will be paid for your silence and your success."
"I am convinced that Ornell is in league with a higher sinister power. We must work against him."
  • Plurin "The Many" (human), self-styled King of Shadows
  • Tirik (human adventurer), legendary savior of Ashville
  • Yern (human warpriest), right hand and advisor to Cpt. Dilo:
"This helm heralds an Urgathoan incursion. Where did you find it?"

  • Sgt. Wiggly Killborne (half-orc mercenary/trapper/business-owner), square jaw, impeccable hair:
"That's right, lads, put your backs into it! We'll be back home in no time to fondle women and swim in wine!"
  • Lazl (dark-elf metalsmith), quiet, ebony-skinned, red eyed, with a long white braid of hair:
"I can make more, if you like."
  • Cpt. Oren (human guardhead), chews absently, takes uncomfortably long to reply:
"Yeap, i never trusted nobody 'round these here parts. Least of all you."
  • Seelik (human sailor), owner and pilot of the Iced Keel longship:
"All the way to Ro'Dal! Have you ever seen the source of the river?"
  • Da'arsa the Reefclaw (human second-in-command), unrelenting, harsh:
"Back in formation! Silence! The wind will guide us if we are keen enough to listen."
  • Qawlaab (human master alchemist), venerable, oblivious, ingenious:
"Hee hee hee hee hee! Oh, i like these fine grains very much!"
  • Wasul (human warrior-trainer), stoic, matter-of-fact:
"We have lost four youths to you. And you leave us a foul cave?
  • Zeefor (human leader), patient, sincere, faithful:
"Gozreh has surely brought you to us. Can you help my people?"
Other Locales:
  • Brustalt (Game Island, human gamerunner)
"Be you prey or predator? I'll give you the true opportunity to find out!"
"Excellent find! I'll pay handsomely for more."






Geographical FeaturesEdit





Great Spine (south) Gray River (central)