The campaign style is Neo-Silver Age, like Astro City or Marvels.

Game in Progress[]

Game Master: Strangething

Five-step Background

Villain Request Page

Hero Society[]

Most super-heroes are part of the Hero Society. They provide useful services to their members, mostly to protect secret identities. In return, they keep an eye on their membership. To be a member at least one member of the society must know your real name. It can mean a lot to have the Society's stamp of approval. Without it, you're just a weirdo in a cape.

The GM needs to know your character's relationship to the Society. New member, veteran, aspiring member, or rebel.

Hero Society Time-line[]

Pre-history: the Era of the Mystery Men

The First Wave: World War II

Cold War & McCarthy

The Second Wave: 1960's

The Dark Time: 1985-1995

The Planetary War

The Present: Rebuilding the Society

Monster Society[]

Formerly a broad movement of metahuman supremacists, the Monster Society is now more like a brand name for super-powered thugs. The philosophy of the original monsters has been passed around through super-prisons and metahuman gangs. Believers don't hesitate to call themselves villains. Gangs of monsters like to use words like "Evil" when naming their gangs/teams. It's a symbol of solidarity with the movement.

San Angelo, California[]

Nice, warm and sunny. Watch out for Yetis in the park.

Setting by Gold Rush Games.

Important NPCs[]

The Danger Family[]

The Danger family came to fame 1940's, with the adventures of Nicholas Danger, the dashing secret agent, and his kid brother William, the "boy genius" of the Manhattan Project. Their children and grandchildren have continued this legacy, becoming brilliant scientists and super-heroes in their own right.

Dr. Richard Danger - Master of many scientific fields, including artificial intelligence and temporal physics. Hero Society member. Often accused of being a Society cabal member. Son of William & Sasha Danger. Divorced.

Dr. Valerie Danger - Brilliant biologist. Richard's little sister. Not a super-hero.

Kyle Danger - Valerie's possible future son. Looks like a big orange cat. Father unknown. Mark Four - Metahuman rights lawyer. Friend of the family.

Captain Amazing[]

Veteran of the interplanetary wars. One of the strongest beings on earth. Famously stubborn. Kind of a jerk.

The Conquerer[]

For nearly thirty years, the armored super-criminal called the Conquerer has been a thorn in the side of the Hero Society, and a sticking point of international law. From the Pinochet, his submarine mobile headquarters, he plays the game of international super-villainy more successfully than anyone.

The Conquerer wears power armor with a red cape. He speaks with an aristocratic Spanish accent, and is often called the Conquistador.