I swear by the Unconquered Sun himself that I will cleanse this world of the foul taint caused by the Deathlords and their minions, and slay all those who would stand in my way. Truly the wicked shall fear the name of the Black Lion!


Largo the Black Lion is a veritable giant, standing a full 8 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at a solid 332 pounds. His spiky jet black hair descends to the center of his back, looking for all the world like a lion's mane. His canines are sharpened to a point in traditional Desert Lion fashion and his face and body are covered in ceremonial claw scars. Perhaps the most interesting things about Largo (aside from his massive size) are his eyes. Although Largo is only 24 years old, his slate blue eyes reflect a much older, sadder man.

Largo doesn't get along well with others. A lifetime of betrayal and carnage can do that to a person. He looks at others, mortal and non-mortal alike, as inferiors until they prove themselves otherwise. In conversation, he can be crude, blunt, and tactless, although he is working on it. He generally likes to solve problems with threats, his size, and his scythe.

Thoughts on Party MembersEdit

Largo is still slightly unnerved by Kai and the fact that her last incarnation was Abyssal, but he respects her deeply for her innocence and her keen insight. Takara disturbs Largo on many levels and he has given him no reason to be trusted. He does, however, respect his skill in combat and stealth, albeit grudgingly. Fern and Amber still amaze him to this day, consistently destroying his preconceived notions of what women are capable of. He does find both Amber's bossiness and Fern's somewhat motherly tendencies to be a bit annoying, however.

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