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Mother of all campaigns in Chicago

Archangel (WoD 1.0)

Intrigue and mystery meet when Vampire-Elders join forces. This adventure was all about some of the mightiest movers and shakers behind Chicago. And it digged deep into their fears for the quest of even bigger forces behind their troubles. The beginning of the end was when angst became greater than thrust.
Characters: Count Malek, Toreador hedonist; Cobe, Ventrue assassin; Mace, Malkavian powerbroker; Lazarus, Tremere inquisitor; Gregor Altenbach, Human wise guy
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Post-Archangel Periode

Madness Network (WoD 1.0/ WoD 1.5)

Mystery is spelled in capital letters in this campaign. An elder of Clan Malkavian goes for unimaginable lengths in his search for the truth, for the perfect security and for the strangest of bedfellows.
Madness Network has two timelines of adventure. One story is told in the dark ages about a young Malkavian, in the second story the same vampire has matured into modern times.
Characters: Mace, Malkavian powerbroker; Edward Nolde, Cracy son of shadows
  • Madness Network

Whispering Veils (WoD 1.0/ WoD 1.5)

High Fantasy crushes into dark chicago and gets mixed up by a group of occult experts. The only constant in this struggle of backstabbing and supernatural dangers is Gregor Altenbach who has made himself a name for confronting and surviving all kinds of storms.
Characters: Gregor Altenbach, Master of the Circle; Mercedes, On-vacation-in-outer-space girl; Edward Sands, He-who-threads-in-amnesia; Calix, Expert-for-the-boring-part-of-work
  • Whispering Veils

Blood Feast (WoD 1.0)

This is the story of a lonely killer who is called in only for the most dangerous kind of work. As Cobe progresses in his struggle for dominance, he stays true to his lone wolf-image and singlehandely takes on the toughest of opponents until the last one puts him to eternal rest.
Characters: Cobe, Lone wolf and silent assassin
  • Blood Feast

Medusa's Path (WoD 1.5)

Intrigued by darkness Angel Jade delves deep into forbidden lore until the abyss begins to stir. On Medusa's Path the dead can dance and only the steadfast will not crumble.
The second storyline looks into the trade of treasure and book brokers who battle over precious goodies and wealthy customers. No price is too high, no need too low for Mr. Montague, historian and wolf-in-a-sheeps-pelt.
Characters: Angel Jade, Keeper of dark lore; Mr. Montague, Trader of dark lore; Dr. Marcus Vogler, the serpent in the dark corners of the mind.
  • Medusas Path

Spin-off Adventures and Episodes

Lone Wolf (WoD 1.5)

Fast-forward Werewolf action in the Windy City
  • Lone Wolf