Mage - The Awakening: Crisis Team 7 (English/German)

Mission Statement[]

The institution of Crisis Teams originates from former Damage Control Units and Execution Teams. Crisis Teams are configured to be more adaptable to different situations than former organization standards. If successful, Crisis Teams will be introduced as new operational standard in world wide deviance prevention activities. This operational adaption is undertook in reaction to the rising international threat potential and current terroristic activities.

Mission Statement: Crisis Teams (CTs) are special task units under orders of the Technocratic Union, an organization rumoured to monitor humanity for indications of reality deviance. In events of anomalies Crisis Teams are ordered to investigate incidents, protect civilians and prevent or control damage. To accomplish their missions, Crisis Teams engage in research, development, and deployment of high-leverage technology for intelligence purposes. As individual operation units, Crisis Teams serve as independent sources of analysis on topics of concern and also work closely with other Crisis Teams and organizations in the Intelligence Community to ensure that the intelligence consumer — whether Technocratic policymaker or civilian institution — receives the best intelligence and protection measures possible.

On Crisis Team 7: Crisis Team 7 (CT7) is one of several task units operating on a global scale to prevent and control damage caused by reality deviance. CT7 consists mainly of tactical warfare advisors and psychological experts. It is often assigned to combat related incidents or unforeseen events on an otherwise violent nature. Taskforce personnel is assigned on an individual basis according to funding an mission needs. In most cases a typical team consist of 1 to 4 specialists directly working in the field. CT7 is coordinated and sent on missions by Operations, currently represented by Mr. John Smythee.


  • File 07.MA007: John Smythee, Syndicate, CEO of SICC (Operational Management)
  • Episodes: A Cleaner War

Personal Files[]

  • File 07.CT001: Codename Whisper, Syndicate, Independent Security Consultant (Weapon Tactics and Combat Expert)
    • File 07.CT001/C-03: Eric Bale, Software Life Cycle Expert
    • File 07.CT001/C-04: Cpt. Charlotte Bessier, Intrusion Expert - Synthetic Human
  • File 07.CT002: Prometheus Ambra, NWO, Social Consultant (Psychological Profiling Specialist)
    • File 07.CT002/C-04: Hillary Gusowsky,Forensic Expert (West City Criminal Investigations) Awareness Clearance B
    • File 07.CT002/C-12: Susanna Hiabasi-Gordon, Media Associate (TV-Correspondent/West-City TV) - Awareness Clearance D
    • File 07.CT002/C-13: Robert Marsher,Public Security Associate (FBI - Special Liason Officer to West-City-Police Commission/Criminal Investigations) - Awareness Clearance B
      • File 07.CT002/C-13/10: Serge Malek,Special Projects Associate (Unauthorised Entry Expert) - Awareness Clearance D
      • File 07.CT002/C-13/11:Salomon Alt, Special Projects Associate (Unregulated Trade Expert) - Awareness Clearance C (Attention - needs special supervision as manifesting interest in Judaic Reality Deviant Activities)
  • File 07.CT003: Lance Rubinoff, Negotiator between factions (living and dead), ex-Void Engineer
    • File 07.CT003/C-01: Mr. Esteban, Accountant and CEO of Hervick