General Info Edit

Name: Danizelle Caste: Nascent Concept: Abused Spouse

Danizelle's Charms

Danzi's Children

Souls of the Serpent

First Circle demons

Soul World

Danizelle's Holdings

Manse networks


Create and modify life to thrive in any condition&nbsp Urge/motivation

Intimacies (7 Negative/8 Positive)

Hijacking Primordial Intent (Obsession, Protected by Regina)

Killing those who defile life (destructive, protected by Teva)

Learn the secrets of the world denied. (Defiance, protected by Vanya)

Her Coven (Loyalty, Protected by Farix)

Beget and nurture Children to adulthood (Love, Protected by Kazzi)

Restore and sustain the reincarnation cycle and balance (Duty, Protected by Adfaer)

Be a better person to those loyal to her (Devotion, Protected by Akumyo)

Murder or torment those who offend you (Hatred, protected by Kobraska)

Help Others recover from pain (mercy, Protected by Revekah)

Seduce and entrance worthy mates (Lust, Protected by Saylkie)

Fostering the courageous (Courage, Protected by Barrekal)

Gods (annoyance) Desus (Rage)

Lilith (Devotion)


Her Children (love)

Attributes Edit

Mental: Social: Physical:
Perception: 4 Appearance: 7 Strength: 3
Intelligence: 6 Charisma: 3 Dexterity: 6
Wits: 4 Manipulation: 7 Stamina: 3

Abilities Edit

Mark Favoured with an X in the box in front of ability.

Archery: 0 X Martial Arts: 6 Melee: 0 Thrown: 0 War: 0

Integrity: 4 Performance: 6 X Presence: 6 Resistance: 5 Survival: 0

X Crafts: 6 Investigation: 0 X Lore: 6 Medicine: 6 X Occult: 6




Demon Summoning










Athletics: 4 Awareness: 4 Dodge: 6 Larceny: 0 Stealth: 5

Bureaucracy: Linguistics: 3 Ride: 0 Sail: 0 Socialize: 6



Language 1:High Realm

Language 2: Low Realm

Language 3: Old Realm

Specialties Edit

Mutations/Merits/Flaws Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page
Legendary Manipulation Merit 3 Scroll of Heroes 50
Legendary Appearance Merit 3 Scroll of Heroes 50

Name Type Cost Book and Page
Intolerance(Drunkards Flaw 3 Scroll of heroes 71
Climate sensitivity(cold) Flaw 2 Scroll of heroes 66
Enemy Flaw 5 Scroll of heroes 68

Backgrounds Edit


Demonic Patron:1


Manse:4 (Shadow-Flame Cabochan)

Manse: 5 (Sabine's Genesis Tree, level 4 Song of life Stone)

Manse 5: Spectre tomb in Nexus (Death sense Stone (level 3 stone))

Manse 5: Erembour's shadow in Nexus (Gem of the Night Sky)

Manse 5: Escher manse WITHIN the Hearthstone

past life:5

Artifact: Tongue of the Serpent Prince (3)

Danizelle has five skinmount amulets generated of her own body through genesis, one in her navel, one in each of her her top pair of arms. One contains a Shadow-Flame Cabochan, the other contains a Song of Life Stone

Notable artifacts

Advantages Edit

Convictions:4 Compassion:1 Temperance:3 Valor:2

Virtue Flaw: Nascent Urge

Temporary Permanent
10 10

Temporary Permanent
Personal 28 28
Peripheral 72 72

Health Levels
Bruised -0 O
Hurt -1 O O
Wounded -2 O O O O O O O O
Crippled -4 O O O
Incapacitated O

Charms Edit

Heretical Charms Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Triumphant Howl of the Devil-Tiger Permanent NA BWC Aging Ends, become titan, forge own excellency, make own charms
Unsurpassed Devil-Crafts Permanent NA BWC 44 +1 success to hellforged wonders/infernal relics, Danzi can craft L5 artifacts
Triumphant Howl of the Devil-Tiger
Tempest of Inward Focus
Flame of the Rising Phoenix
Face of the Titans
Path of a Thousand Whispers BWC make third circle
Devouring the Mortal Coil Adopt someone as a third circle
Spirit of the Living World Make soul world

Danizelle Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Danizelle Essence Overwhelming Reflexive 1m per die MOEP:Infernals 106 Do as the Danzi does
Effortless (Danizelle) Dominance Reflexive = MOEP Infernals: 107 mote reducer
(Danizelle) Body Unity Permanent NA RotSE 208 Both materiel and immateriel, may at will ignore any effect that defines character as corporeal or immateriel.
Ox Body technique x2 permanent NA Danzi charms +4 health levels each
Sea and Shadows Alteration Reflexive 1m Danzi charm adapt to environment. with penalties.
Warp-Spasm Reflexive 2m/die Danzi Charm -1 internal penalty to enemy for scene per 2m spent
Twisted Body Meditation Simple 1/2/3/4m Danzi charm pool of 60 mutation dots cost to manifest/remove by mutation category.
Savage Bitch Blowback x2 Reflexive 4m/8m, 1w Danzi charm Opposite of shaping intent or rebound!
Evolutionary Path Adaptation x5 Permanent 10m Danzi Charm Enticing Form Mastery, Savage Fury Persona, Loving Mother Attitude, Wicked Genius Insinuation, Shadow-Stalker
Voice of the Siren Song Simple 10m, 1W Danzi Charm First time someone hears voice in social attack gain lustful adoration intimacy
Enticing Hunter Stance Simple 1m, 1W Danzi charm Attune to opponent, +Essence to all intimacy exploits
Horrifying Lust Infliction Simple 4m/0m Danzi charm UMI if exploiting lust/love, or using seduction.
Lamia's Kiss Simple 15m (committed) Danzi Charm Touch, Appearance + occult vs. MDV/2.  each success strips a willpower from target.  If all willpower stripped gains perma intimacy
Succubus Masque Permanent N/A Danzi Charm Winning social causes lustful adoration in targets. affected targets are treated as App 0 for future social contests.
Unreasonable Defiance Inspiration Simple 2m Danzi Charm Reverse Psychology UMI
Mother's Touch Simple 5m+ Danzi Charm Making babies by touch
Rending Talons of the Mother Reflexive 6m Danzi charm Making obsidian-like claws/spikes/blades
Rebuke of orders Permanent N/A Danzi charm Cannot be ordered, +2 MDVs
Unrelenting Demon-Hunter x1 Permanent N/A Danzi charm +4L/+4B soak added to stats
Inescapable Monster's Hunt supplemental 6m Danzi charm autotrax, +essence in contest.

Ebon Dragon Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Loom Snarling Deception Simple 10-essence motes MOEP:Infernals 149 Fake Resplendent Destinies!
Eldritch Secrets Mastery Permanent NA MOEP:Infernals 149 Upgrades LSD to cover essence sight
Cracked Cell Circumvention Reflexive 2m/2m,1w MOEP: Infernals 155 ESCAPE

Cytherea Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Ascendancy mantle of (Cytheria) permanent N/A BWC 9 +1 max essence as long as the character has a child who is younger than adult, and is their mother.
First Cytherea Excellency Permanent 1m per dice [1] Does things as the Mother of Creation does.
Second Cytherea Excellency Permanent 2m per success [2] Does things as the Mother of Creation does.
Donning the Wardrobe of Flesh Simple 10m Custom bodytwisting happiness.
Crucible of Flesh Simple 11-16m Custom Train mutations/Attributes
Birth of 1000 Monsters Simple 11-16m Custom Train mutations/Attributes of a group
Womb of Creation Simple 10m +1WP Custom Crucible counts as genesis Lab, essence x2 speed factor
First Sight of the Mother Simple 3m Custom make a sleeping target gain an intimacy of love and obedience.
Womb of Stone Simple 10m + 1WP Custom Build manses with Womb of Creation
Mother of Nations Simple 10m +1WP Custom first sight of the mother on magnitude group equal to essence
Beget the Sea of Mind Simple 10m +1WP Custom Create a Sea of Mind
Actualize the Sea of Mind Simple 20M, 1W Custom Constructive Convergence of principles in Sea of Mind
Womb of Stone Permanent NA Custom Womb of Creation to make manses. counts as magnitude workforce = to essence.


Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Factual Determination Analysis Reflexive 2m MOEP:Infernals 130 lie Detector charm
Essence Dissecting Stare Simple 6m MOEP: Infernals 131 See essence

Cecelyne Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Transcendent Desert Creature Permanent 0m MOEP: Infernals 121 Immunities in desolation
Hellscry Chakra Simple 5m MOEP Infernals 118

Sensing demons

Sands Through Fingers Defense Reflexive 3m MOEP Infernals 123 Cecelyne PD
Soul-Sieve Transmutation Reflexive 5m, 1W MOEP Infernals 123 Action-long PD
Soul-Sand Devil Shintai Permanent NA MOEP Infernals 123 dafault to immateriel, materialize-yes, 1 mote to appear as ghost of sand

Andorjan Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Wind-Born Stride Permanent ----- MOEP Infernals 138

Dash = -0 DV, Automatically cross difficult terrain, add essence to dash speed

Kimbery Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Mother-Sea Mastery Permanent ----- MOEP Infernals 138

+essence successes to gather food in liquids, ignore -2 penalty, treat water as air, multiply swim speed by essence, no fatigue in water, ever, mounts too

Spiteful Sea Tincture x2 Reflexive 2m BWC 35

mark poison glyphs

Poison Lacquer: Damage 7L/action, Toxicity
4, Tolerance None, Penalty -4

Sea Within Veins Prana x2 Permanent N/A BWC 34 Spray blood (essence) yards Inflict Poison lacquer, and (Essence)L Damage and Trauma (maximum Trauma
5) As an one-shot hazard.
Intolerable Burning Truths Permanent N/A BWC 41 Hate Springs Eternal
All Things Betray Reflexive 1m/3m BWC 41 1m for action long surprise negate, 3m for +essence to all JB type rolls
Bitter Heart Unbleeding x2 Reflexive 3m BWC 42 add negative intimacies to DVs or to Soak. Late step Perfect Soak.
Tidal Renewal Discipline Permanent N/A BWC 38 Always considering resting for respiration submerged, Pray to me for 20 motes, essence -1 hours underwater=full sleep, Speak old realm in water, easy kimbery prayers.
Sea Dissolves Herself Reflexive 3m or 5m BWC 38 Anti-Shaping stuff
Ichor Flux Tendrils x2 Simple 10m, 1W BWC 37 create tentacles to grab people from fluids! pray she's not at a volcanic caldera when she does it! And they attack on they own!
FathomlessPoisonHaven x2 Reflexive 1m BWC 39 Immunity to harm from liquids, immune to mundane poison and magical poisons, any beloved character within Essence x 100 yards gains protecction
All Devouring Depths Shintai Simple 10m, 1W BWC 42 turn into hellblob.
What Lurks Beneath Simple 20m, 1W BWC summon aquatic behemoth
Great Mother's Tears Permanent N/A BWC

Can choose to have poisons do bashing only and/or be undetectable. If bashing, poisons cannot roll over.

Create mutagenic toxin that gives aquatic mutations 1 mutation dot per lethal damage.

Poison intimacies!

Sorcery Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Sorcerous Enlightenment of the Danizelle (emerald) Permanent 0/1/2WP MOEP:Infernals 165 Spells that directly affect or create living things cost no willpower. Summoning does not count, nor do spells that call up destructive effects to destroy a target. Spells that directly affecct or create inanimate objects cost an extra willpower.
Infallible messenger Terrestrial 10m CORE Sends imp to deliver message
Slave-Spawn Summons Terrestrial 10m MOEP Infernals Summon First Circles
Sorcerous Enlightenment of Danizelle (sapphire) Permanent 0/2/3WP MoEP Infernals 165 Spells that directly affect or create living things cost no willpower. Summoning does not count, nor do spells that call up destructive effects to destroy a target. Spells that directly affecct or create inanimate objects cost an extra willpower.
Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation Celestial 25m Fly a vessel at 200 MPH, costs +1 WP to cast.
Fiend-Vassal Conscription Celestial 30m +10 MOEP Infernals Summon Second Circle
Sorcerous Enlightenment of Danizelle (Adamant) Permanent 0/3/4WP MoEP Infernals 165 Spells that directly affect or create living things cost no willpower. Summoning does not count, nor do spells that call up destructive effects to destroy a target. Spells that directly affecct or create inanimate objects cost an extra willpower.
All-Commanding Oversoul Beckoning Solar 40m MoEP Infernals Summon Third-Circle

Twisted Body Mutations Edit


Serpent's body

Multiple Limbs/heads x2



Fish body


Serpentine Hair






Great hooves

Gazelle's Pace


Water Adaptation



Enhanced sight


Serpentine Tongue

Mutagenic Toxin Most common alteration

Serpent's Body, Gills, Water Adaptation, Talons, Exalted healing, Extra Arms, scales, Shark Sight

Obsession: Serve Danizelle (Abomination)

Combat Information Edit

Type Bashing Lethal Fatigue Mobility Penalty

Bashing Lethal Aggravated Hardness
7 5 0 0

Physical Dv
Dodge Parry
9 7

Social Dv
Dodge Parry
12 8

Horizontal Jump Vertical Jump Move Dash Swim Fly
0 0 10 26 156 52


Join Battle 6

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Rate PV Range Book & Page Number
Punch 5 0 0B 3 2 Touch Exalted 2e 370
Kick 5 0 3B 2 -2 Touch Exalted 2e 370
Clench 6 0 0 1 0 Touch Exalted 2e 370
CLAWZ 5 2 8 3 2 Touch Danzi Charm

Backstory Edit

Caustic, acidic, vicious and usually selfish and uncaring, Danizelle could be a poster child for the Green Sun Prince maniac dedication to what Creation percieves as evil. She only lets her maniac guard down around her children, and loved ones, dropping the acerbic shield of barely-restrained fury only when she feels safe. To those she actually cares about or feels responsible to she's dedicated, attentive and caring, doing her best t nurture potential to the maximum before turning her children loose upon the world in the endeavors of their choice.

Hypocracy, contrarianism, dual nature, hunter, murderer, nurturer, caregiver, she's a violent plethora of contradictions. Her internal battle of human mind against itself, trying to reconcile things that enrage her with the things she cares about make her seem self-divided and crazy to onlookers, especially her own coven. Often unthinking, she hurts those she loves unintentionally and then later tries to bend over backwards to repair the damage. This isn't always the best course, but she tries. Never is this contradiction more apparent than in her interactions with her covenmate, Niet. For all the former Defiler frustrates her, and makes her scream with inscrutable motivations and uncompromising dedication to her ideals to the point where the friction burns hotter than the sun, Danizelle cares about her. She's given up the urge to simply throttle the Artisan, but that restraint is nowhere to be seen when Niet is threatened by outsiders. The Serpent of Change will murder just about anyone to protect any member of her coven, her Lunar mate, or anyone else she considers under her protection, no matter how much they agitate her.

Direct and pragmatic, Danizelle's tactics tend to have a rather blunt-force feel to them, rarely bothering to hide the fact that she's trying to force someone's mind and actions to conform to her desires. However she manages them with her serpentine grace and vicious tongue, and succeeds where others would fail. When she decides to break someone, she doesn't waste much time savoring the torment. She simply goes for the kill, poisoning the target and going for the throat. Blackmail, assassination, uncomfortable truths, and other such tactics are perfectly acceptable to her.

Few things wrack her with guilt and rage quite like someone associating her with Desus, her former Solar incarnation. Yes he was a Solar, yes he could be noble, and often acted the hero. But it was the things no one wanted to see, or acknowledge that she remembers most vividly. She remembers his eloquent justification for the death of millions in Operation Wyldhand. She remembers the fond memories and accolades for decieving and Shattering Oliphem's face because it was the most convenient way of attacking the Lintha. What he did to Lilith haunts her nightmares whenever she sleeps, something she's given up entirely when she can, preferring to meditate in the water than face that. The hero pales when she compares it to the monstrous things she has had to, and continues to do on occasion. She doesn't like what she sees.

Mercurial, volatile, unrestrained and only marginally in control of her temper, Danizelle is the most dangerous of the Coven, not by dint of prowess in combat or sabotage, or even her ability to manipulate and move people with her voice and body, but because of all of them she's the most liable to lash out in pure, frustrated rage. The calm is a facade, for the Serpent Mother of Change's emotions are honed to a razor's edge. When her control slips, she loves, hates, attacks, and heals with the entirety of her mental focus, channelling whatever she is feeling into her words, her actions and her behavior. If she wasn't so damned good at deception she'd be a lot easier to defend against, because just for moments, she can almost buy her own bullshit, and makes it hard for others to see what she's really up to.

For all of Danizelle's instability and mercurial behavior, she calms around her children, adopted, created or born. She loves them, and tries to nurture them to adulthood, whether as individually or as a race. Many of Creation's Savants would find it nearly impossible to ascribe this Mother of Monsters human caring, but family stabilizes her, and her purpose becomes clear and pure. She will foster life, and protect it, by any means necessary. She loves humanity, even if her children seem anything but human. She loves their imperfections and foibles, because there's so much opportunity to overcome it. The ones who do she feels an instinctive urge to teach and protect, even if through harsh lessons.

Danizelle's worst regret in this life is the seemingly continuously antagonistic relationship she and Niet have. She doesn't understand the Artisan, doesn't comprehend her motives or logic, and is belligerantly territorial about things that the two come to loggerheads as often as not. Danizelle's perception is that niet cannot compromise. But then again, for the most part... others say the same of her.

The only redeeming thing about it is anyone who comes after niet, Emerald, Crow, any of them with intent to harm will instantly earn the hatred of the Nascent Caste Infernal. She'll defy malfeas himself, piss in Kimbery, and murder the sun if it means protecting the coven.

Physical Description Edit


Experience Edit

Reason Change Current Total
Coming in Late 140 140 140
Stuff -140 0 140
Session 22 6 6 146
Blood-ape, Agatae, Demjen for IDU -3 3 146
Session 23 5 8 151
Session 25 5 13 156
Crucible of Flesh -8 5 156
Session 24.1 4 9 160
stuff 8 9 160
Session 26 10 11 170
Birth of 1000 Monsters -8 3 170
Session 26.1 3 6 173
Session 27 4 10 177
Session 28 5 15 177
Factual Determination Analysis -10 5 177
Session 30 5 10 183
Session 32 3 13 186
Session 33 4 17 190
Essence Dissecting Stare -10 7 190
Session 34 4 11 194
Effortless (Ebon Dragon) Dominance -8 3 194
Niet Scene 2 5 196
Session 35 4 9 200
Psychotherapy, Fiend Style 3 12 203
36 4 16 207
Transcendant desert Creature, Mutations -16 0 207
Mutations -30 -30 207
game 37 4 -28/2 211
game 38 4 -26/4 215
game 39 4 -22/6 219
game 40 5 -20/9 224
game 41, Womb of creation 4 -18/3 228
game 42 4 -16/5 228
Game 43 5 -14/8 233
Infallible messenger -8 -14/0 233
Game 44 5 -9/0 238
Game 45 4 -5/0 242
game 46 4 -1/0 246
Game 47 (AKA Dud) 2 1 248
Game 48 (Danzi gets a daughter! AGAIN!) 5 6 254
game 49 (Walker in Darkness Deal part 2) 4 10 258
First Sight of the Mother 8 2 258
Game 48.1 3 5 261
Game 48.2 3 8 264
Womb of Stone 8 0 264
Game 52 5 5 269
Game 53 4 9 273
Mother of Nations 8 1 273
Game 54 (planning session) 3 4 276
game 55 4 8 280
Celestial Circle, Swift Spirit of Winged Transportation 8 0 280
Game 55.1 4 4 284
Game 55.2 5 9 289
Hellscry Chakra 8 1 289
Rebuilds 12 13 301
Beget the Sea of Mind 8 5 301
Game 56 5 10 306
Wind-Born Stride 10 0 306
Game 57 3 3 309
Game 58 3 6 312
Game 59 4 10 316
Joy in Violence Approach 10 0 316
Game 60 5 5 321
Game 61 5 10 326
threat-Monitoring Excitement 10 0 326
Mutation refund/sack 2 Andorjan charms, sack 4 ED charms sack banishment 81(refunded) 81 326
Unsurpassed Devil-Craft, Kimbery stuff (9 charms) 81 0 326
Game 62 4 4 330
Game 63 4 8 334
Tidal Renewal Discipline 8 0 334
Game 64 3 3 337
Game 65 5 8 342
Sea Dissolves Herself 8 0 342
Game 66 3 3 345
Game 66.5 3 6 348
Game 66.6 3 9 351
Ichor Flux Tendrils 8 1 351
side bits with Lilith 5 4 355
Game 67 4 8 359
Ichor Flux second purchase 8 0 359
Game 68 5 5 364
Mask of Winters Terminus 40 45 404
Talking to autochthon, essence booster blueprints 3 48 407
Infiltrating the Mask's cidatel, cut short 3 51 410
Fathomless Poison Haven 8 43 410
Stealing monstrances, Danzi nukes the mask's Cidatel 4 47 414
E5, All devouring depths shintai 40 7 414
Sneaking into thorns 3 10 417
Fathomless Poison Haven second purchase 8 2 417
Negotiations with the green lady for thorns 4 6 421
Chapter bonus 5 11 426
Stealing a DK egg 4 15 430
Sands through Fingers Defense 8 7 430
Chapter Bonus 5 12 435
Soul-Sieve Transmutation 8 4 435
Capture the Sidereal 4 8 439
Brigid: OOPS! New primordial. In Pure Chaos. Someone's gonna shit kittens. 6 14 445
Soul-Sand Devil Shintai, (Ebon Dragon) Body Unity 16 -2 445
Word games with Saxon 5 3 450
Eye is a city, RR makes followers 6 9 456
Calm down relations with lookshy successfully 10 19 466
86 3 22 469
catch-up 26 48 495
Ascendancy mantle of Cytheria, E6 48 0 495
Take over Varsi, Black Mirror Shintai 4 -4 499
Little Stuff with kids 2 -2 501
Green lady Stuff 3 1 504
Chapter Bonus 5 6 509
game last friday or something. where we did stuff. 4 10 513
Enter the Invisible Fortress 3 13 516
Fun in the invisible fortress Pt. 1 5 18 521
Int 6, Manip 4 16 2 521
Invisible Fortress Pt. 2 5 7 526
Crafts 6 (earth), medicine 6 7 0 526
meet andorjan and Heylel 3 3 529
Lore 6 3 0 529

RR gets some loot from Invisible Fortress

3 3 532
Occult 6 3 0 532
Chapter bonus 5 5 537
Witches 4 9 541
93 4 13 545
Screwed up arguments and the Dragon tries to poke priceless in the Butt 3 16 548
Gaia Pt. 1 3 19 551
Gaia part 2 4 23 555
Chapter Bonus 5 28 560
Dex 6, MA 6, Womb of Stone, Actualize the Sea of Mind 27 1 560
Back to auto! Fetich hunt! 4 5 564
Found the fetich. 4 9 568
taking the dragon's fetich 4 13 572
Talk to SE, theories about Devil-Tigers! 5 18 577
Devil-Tiger, First Danzi Excellency 17 1 577
Chapter Break 5 6 583
100 4 10 587
Lost Boys. the vampire exalted 4 14 591
The Dowager's girls 4 18 595
Game 103 4 22 599
Dowager neutralized. 3 25 602
Tempest of Inward Focus, Flame of the Rising phoenix 18 7 602
Planning session 2 9 604
Face of the titans 9 0 604
Chapter Bonus 5 5 609
Meet Crow 4 9 615
Crow part deux 4 13 619
Raiders of Danzi's shit 4 17 623
Jomoru has a sister! 4 21 627
We haz Jo's sister! 4 25 632
catchup 50 75 682
barbarian hordes! 4 79 686
ox body x2, spirit of the living world, Path of a Thousand Whispers -34 45 686
What Lurks Beneath, Solar Circle, Slave Spawn Summons, Fiend-Vassal Conscription, All-Commanding Oversoul Beckoning, Sea and Shadows Alteration -42 2 686
wedding of the ebon dragon sabotaged +1 XP stunt shared with Crow 10 13 697
Willpower 10, Devouring the Mortal Coil -12 1 697
Folding mutations/merits, replacing ED charms with Danzi charms (32 points of mutations and stupidly broken merits) 0 33 697
Appearance to 7, Manip to 7, Integrity to 3 33 0 697
Discussing infiltrating Yu-Shan 4 4 701
Talking to Nysela 4 8 705
Loving mother Attitude 8 0 705
mental attribute boost (training charms, Cytheria, birth of 1000) -48 -48 705
Ability boost (training charms, Crow VEE, Great mother's tears x2) -52 -116 705
Talking to Oliphem 4 2/-114 709
Yay, we have noisy solar neighbors! 4 4/-112 713
Negotiations, gaining territory without blood and murder! 4 6/-110 717
Stupid goddamned solar arguing with Niet 4 8/-108 721
Crow's mission... 4 10/-106 725
Dud game 4 12/-104 729
cannibalizing first devil-crafts charm 8 20/-104 729
talking to the maiden of serenity 4 22/-102 733
Wicked genius Insinuation, Mother's Touch -16 6/-102 733
Danzi's dilemma 4 8/-100 737
genderbender city 4 10/-98 741
take a role 4 12/-96 745
catch-up shit 35 27/-76 780
Savage claws of the Mother, Unrelenting Demon-Hunter, another charm I forget -24 3/-76 780
XP award 30 18/-61 780
shadow-stalker aspect, Inescapable Monster Hunt -16 2/-61 810
Finish school shard, kaiju shard 40 22/-41 850
Succubus Masque, Lamia's Kiss -16 6/-41


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