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Deadlands:WitW  (Wyrmholes in the West)[]

This section covers a campaign currently in progress being played in Madison, Wisconsin at Misty Mountain Games every other Wednesday. All content for this campaign will be written with the prefix "Deadlands:WitW" in the Wiki name for the link - to create a namespace that won't clash with other campaigns.

Using the Deadlands classic system from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. This is called "Deadlands classic" to distinguish it from the "Deadlands Reloaded" game which is based on Pinnacle Entertainment's newer, stripped-down lighter system called Savage Worlds (which the GM doesn't care for, for reasons it's not worth going into here.)

GDWiki Update announcements[]

Because the "Recent changes" link shows ALL changes on the wiki, not just for this game, and because it also shows the secret "orphaned" pages that people are not supposed to read unless they are the right player for that information, the link below will contain relevant updates to information that are public - effectively taking the place of the "Recent changes" page you see in the tile box over on the left. Wikis have no security. It is still possible to go there and view all the updates even the private ones. This is just on the honor system - players please don't peek at the pages that I marked as secret on the "recent changes" page. If you just want to see what the public updates are, use the link below.

Characters of Note[]


  • Gameworld Calendar (The calendar for events as they happen in the game. I'll attempt to make links to session logs that you can get to from here by clicking on the dates. The dates here are expressed in gameworld terms, not real-world game session dates. (The logs will be expressed in session dates.)


  • Basic newbie rules intro (this gives an overview of the feel of the rules for a new player - just enough to understand what matters when making a character.
  • HouseRules These are places we deviate from the rules in the book.
  • Character making


  • Sweet Gulch