Edan Goldleaf is a PC in the campaign The Second Dawn.

Appearance: Tall and thin, with caramel shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, and Elven garb

Edan was an exile before he was born, as the child of his Elven mother’s affair with a human ranger. Despite the early loss of an already distant father, Edan Olbreck, the younger Edan passed a happy first few years with his mother, Ereleth, in the wilderness. But when she became ill and saw that death would soon take her, she pleaded with the husband who had banished her, Atherius Goldleaf, to care for her innocent son. Though he complied, raising Edan along with his half-brothers Asreth and Assarius, the three Elves treated him with all the disgrace that his parentage bore. Friendless and miserable, he was unguarded for the coming of the spirit Súl. At first only a whispering voice of understanding and companionship, Súl eventually enticed Edan with great magic power – power that could earn him a place of influence and admiration in the world. Edan accepted the pact, little understanding the dark urges the power would awaken within him, ever encouraged by the constant voice of Súl. Now seeing Súl for what he was but helpless to be rid of his presence, Edan left an uncaring family behind and resolved himself to use his power for the good of others – the only way to resist the temptation to more destructive ends.

Guarded and distant to most because of the inner struggle he hides, Edan actually proves a warm and friendly companion to those who look deeper. While reserved, his keen observation of people has given him a cunning disposition that he can use to his advantage, whether to win an argument, put a foe off balance, or bluff his way through a tight spot.

Party Connections[]

In his travels, Edan eventually formed an acquaintance with Nerisora, and the two have now been traveling and working together for a period of months, helping small communities with their unique skills. As two wanderers – both struggling with the past, neither fitting into society’s mold – they have formed an easy friendship. Nerisora is a young Drow who fled her family and people and is fearful that they might find her again. Nerisora’s keen observation has not missed the fact that Edan does not study and prepare spells the way a wizard would, or that in unguarded moments he seems to converse with an unseen entity. While she does not speak of it explicitly, it is clear that Nerisora is aware that Edan is a warlock.