Bzero's End of Days campaign, about a psychic girl raised by vampires interested in her visions about the upcoming apocalypse. After seven years with them as a human, she's finally been made a vampire herself.

Unfortunately, Dyl's years of Gehenna prophesies are now starting to come true...

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Other open storylines –[]

From Dyliana's POV

I know next to nothing about the End Times plotline so I'm not sure what's happened to Dyl or World of Darkness since. We'll have to talk that over.

There were some unresolved issues with possible mages making contact (generally over computer) and who knows how much the werewolves know of Dyl's responsibility for the botched attack on the chantry. However, I suspect that a person with Dyl's life would have to get used to a certain constant level of outside, malevolent interest and those things would tend to blur together until they presented a more immediate danger. Sorta like a country – we have tons of enemies of all stripes. We keep a wary eye on all of them. And then 9/11 happens and suddenly terrorism is all we think about. It's not the most effective form of defense but the alternative is to shut out everyone. I don't think that is in Dyl's nature and I honestly think that she considers herself above most things -- untouchable both because she is smarter (and luckier) than most and well protected by forces outside herself. Just like America, heh.