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Once upon a time there was prosperous Realm satrapy known as Thorns. It was one of the few bastions of the Scarlet Empire in that most rebellious of places: the Scavenger Lands. So they tried time and time again to impose their great civilization on their barbarian neighbors. That Dog really doesn't hunt when your neighbors are places like Lookshy.

So they failed, and failed until one day a vastly arrogant ghost attacked their city with an army that put even their best to shame, his ghosts and zombies wore down the people's resources and his Abyssals slew all of their Dragonblooded champions.

That was five years ago, and for five years the people of Thorns have languished hoping for a hero to rise up and free them from their failures. Something certain creatures know all about.. the Yozi.

So what this is.

If its not too clear by now, this mean to be Infernal Exalt Chronicle of 3 to 5 players involving revolution in the city of Thorns and bringing the Green light of justice to the world. Or something like that.

It takes quite a bit of inspiration from Code Geass and V for Vendetta. Some lesser inspiration from Battlestar Galatica and Farscape.

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The House Rules

Character Sheets

Lunar Sheet


Mutations in Alphabetical Order

Gaia chibi generator

Player Characters Edit



Priceless Emerald

Royal Rainbow

Hundred Faced Crow



Former PCs Edit



Shadow’s Mirage

Silver-Tongued Destruction

Brilliant Ember

Lightning Without Thunder


Sessions Edit

Introduction Arc

Malfeas Arc

Expansion Arc

Stuff that lead to them killing the Juggernaut

Danzi Introduction arc

Alliance Expansion Arc

Spermin Arc

Finding Bridgit arc

Blessed Isle arc

Autochonia Part 1

Jomoru gaiden

Of Ghosts and Gods arc

Journey to the Center of Autochthonia

Keys of the Ministers

The Maze, Autochthon and the Mask

Scavenging the Corpse of an Empire

More Malfeas Stuff

Expanding the Empire

Lunars and More Empire Expansion

The Invisible Fortress

Plans of the Green Mother

Session 100: The Nameless Child

Session 101:Wendy and the Lost Boys

Session 102: Elements of Disharmony

Session 103: Binding the Dowager

Session 104:Dealing with the Dowager

Session 105: Wedding plans

Session 106: Messing with Realm politics

NPCs Edit



The Scavenger Lands

The West

The South

Niet Demons

Locations Edit


Green Knights Year Three

The Eastern Union



Nautilus of Expanding Artifice

Contained World of Perfect Silence

The Tree of Life

Niet's Denandsor

Timeline Edit

Ry 767

Ry 768

Ry 769

Realm year 770

Ascending Air

7-Talk with Swarm

9-Invent Easter

Resplendent Air

19-Easter Ends

26-Talk with Saxon

Descending Air

28-talks with Lookshy

Ascending Water

3-Doll Making

4-Rei Exalts

7-Emerald Starts messing with Emeraldville

10-Emerald spends a day as a panda.

14-Emerald finishes up making it rubber fetish girl land

15-Emerald plays with Rei

22-Ninja interaction 1

Resplendent Water

1-failed Ninja interaction

8-Ninja Interaction 2

15-Ninja Interaction 3

16-attack on Ninja village.

Descending Water

1- Entrance to Puyo

14-Complete conquest

15-Emerald establishes her first village

Ascending Earth

5-Entrance and Conquest of Varsi

7-Emerald establishes her Temple in Great Forks

28-Lookshy contracts end

Resplendent Earth

5-Found Invisible Fortress

12-Finish up Fotress stuff.

15-Meet Heyel

17-talk with the Forest Witches

26-Meet Gaia

Descending Earth

3-Talk with Akumyo

5-Talk with Kadmek

7-Take Akumyo, Talk to SE, Come up with DT

8-Meet Namless and Filyfy

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