The Calendar of Creation

Months and the Weather

  • Ascending Water is the coldest month of the year; the dead of winter, when the North is frozen with ice, while frost, snow, and cold weather blanket the East and West, however the South has pleasant rains and temperature.
  • Temperatures rise throughout the wet months of spring, Descending Water through Resplendent Earth, when hurricanes buffet the South, monsoons imperil ships at sea in the West and drenching downpours drown the east; the North, on the other hand, transitions from arctic to subarctic, experiencing snowfall to lay atop the fallen ice.
  • The growing period begins in Descending Earth, occupies all of Wood and goes on through Ascending Fire. This extra-long growing peroid means that Creation seldom has difficulty feeding it's inhabitants.
  • Temperatures get hot very quickly, however, shifting from warm growing weather to the dead heat of midsummer very swiftly; Descending Fire is the hottest month of the year; the South gets very closely aquainted with the Unconquered Sun as he looms high and long in the sky, the western Breadfruit Trees dry up, the forests of the East are starved for water, and the North becomes bright and temperate, fully open to trader's and travellers. Following this, temperatures fall rapidly, heralding storms across Creation and hurrying in the year's last harvest.

Yes, Creation has schitzo weather. The year starts in the dead of winter, just like on Earth, and it proceeds through to Spring. However, instead of Summer, the closest thing Creation has to Autumn comes next, and remains part of the growing season, before transitioning straight to the blaze of midsummer heat, which is seperated from the dead of winter only by the five days of Calibration.

Needless to say, anything still in the fields when Calibration hits is in bad shape; if it hasn't been harvested by Ascending Water, you can probably kiss it goodbye unless it's some kind of super-duper magical crop that can withstand a rapid drop from blazing midsummer to the dead of winter inside a fortnight, with a heaping helping of terrible storms and moonsoons.


Calibration is a time when there is no Moon - Luna has simply vanished. While canon sources point to the Sun remaining in the sky, many prefer the understanding that Calibration has no cosmology; there are no stars in the sky, no sun or moon; day never breaks, but night fails to fall, leaving the world in a five day twilight, or darkness-without-blackness. Seeing as it is bracketed by both the height of summer and the dead of winter, it logically follows that it should also be five days of the most terrible storms imaginable, but as with all things in Exalted, this should not be assumed; consult your Storyteller.