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The Adventure takes place in the sprawling city of Lordsholm, on the Agriworld of Avalos. An unremarkable world, Avalos rests on the edge of the Orpheus Salient between Hethgard and the Well of Night, but has thus far nenn spared the attentions of the Imperiums enemies. Recently the world came to the attention of the Ordo Xenos and Inquisitor Kalistradi,who arrived with her retinue to uncover rumours and signs of a Genestealer infestation. What she uncovered was far worse than she could have anticipated.

Soon after she dispatched a distress signal, the whole planet went silent and a Kill Team is dispatched to investigate and purge.

Mission: Purge the Genestealer

Primary Objectives

  • Terminate the Broodlord
  • Send an Astropathic Message for Help

Secondary Objectives

  • Rescue the Lord Governor
  • Help the PDF recapture the city

Targets of Opportunity

  • Extinct the roaming Genestealers
  • Extinct the Rebel Leaders
  • Gather PDF Support

The Record:

FINAL SANCTION player handout1

D -Day plus 0200 Hours

  • Macrodon: the Battle Brother was covering our rear down in the Imperial Stores , when a Genestealer suddenly appeared; Mac killed it within the blink of an eye with his melee weapon ( although some time after his suspicion kicked in: why did the Genestealer attack only him and not Brothers from the other chapters ?)
  • Raffael: while Mac slaughtered the Genestealer the Assault Marine jumped into the thick of the enemy´s troops, singled out the vicious commander - who was unwisely shooting with a plasma pistol at the Kill Team - and slaughtered him in the ensuing melee. The attempt of the renegade commander to break Raffael´s chainsword added much to the later´s fury.
  • Arran: it was during the recapture of the Spaceport that Brothers Seraphan and Raffael lured out 2 Genestealers; the Hellfire round of Arran´s Heavy Bolter "Liz" made a mess of one creature; it has to be said that the bolterround turned out to be a supernova and first caused some indignation among the other brothers, but in the end everything exploded and all were happy.
    FINAL SANCTION player handout2

Detailed record of Battle-brother Rafael to be found here: [[1]]

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