Player Characters[]

Forte, a Goliath Fighter played by Dean

Groo, a Minotaur Warden played by Rey

Akbar, a Deva Cleric played by Steve

Nala "Firebug", a Dragonborn Sorcerer played by MJ

Phil Aminon, a Duergar Invoker played by Rob

October Daye, a Half-Elf Rogue played by Rachel

Flynn Rider, a Human Rogue played by Amanda

Tryll, a Gnome Bard played by Mike

Skain, an Eladrin Wizard played by Jordan

Yew, a Wilden Druid played by Jeff


Session 1, Enormous Frantic Death Machines - In which we meet our heroes and fire beetles are consumed.

Session 2, Finder's Keep - In which our heroes rout a bandit lord, claim a keep and rescue nobility.

Session 3, The Pit - In which our heroes open a lock and befriend a kobold.

Session 4, The Pit 2, Pit Harder - In which our heroes find a mushroom lady and massacre a dragon.

Session 5, Keep Your Eyes On The Birdie - In which our heroes have a Wizard's Duel, join the Secret Service and almost blow up a lightning rail car.

Session 6, Query in the Quarry - Local farmers and travelers have gone missing. Out heroes track them to a quarry and find that the missing have joined a heretic cult of the Silver Flame known as the Purple Flame.

Session 7, Down the Hole, Again We Go! - A secret, trap door in the quarry leads to kobolds, many sigils that look like the Union Jack, a couple of Dragonborne, and a crazy guy with a crazy fire-hat from Khyber. Firebug now has the crazy Khyber fire-hat. Only good can possibly come from this turn of events!

Other Pages[]

Quotes - In which hilarity is kept.

NPCs - Various characters our heroes have met along their travels.

Finder's Keep - The current facilities and contents of the party's base.

Artifacts - Items of wonder and mystery, and of great importance.