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This sheet has been prepared with the Solar Exalts in mind, as Solars are the default Exalt type for game-play. It is advisable to make the Name tag into a link to your character's category as well.

Basic Information[]

First Light Kari []

Concept: Inheritor of a first-age Blitzball Hero's Dawn Shard[]

Player: ShadowDragon8685[]

Contact Info[]

AIM: ShadowDragon8685[]

Email: ShadowDragon8685@gmail.com[]

Motivation: To restore the prosperity of the First Age to Creation[]

Exalt Type: Solar[]

Caste: Dawn[]

Age: 15[]

Anima: A cheering stadium[]


First Light Kari began her life as Feather-Foot Kari, a sneak-thief from the city of Great Forks. As a young girl, she was acomplished at it, but as she began to grow, she became more athletic and show-offish, and found herself occasionally recruited into the ranks of the treasure-hunters who give the Scavenger Lands their name, for her acrobatics and larcenous ways lent themselves well to overcoming traps and gaining access to locations which others could not.

Some time shortly after her fifteenth birthday, Kari believed she had it made - the 'big score'. She thought she had seen a chink in the defenses of an OutCaste's minor Manse, and if she could get in, all manner of plunder would be hers. She hadn't counted on the demon-dog guards, however - the ones which could foil seemingly any attempt to lose their pursuit. She fled the city, into the countryside.

She hoped that she could lose them by stowing away aboard a ferry heading north across the Yellow River. Still, something within her told her to keep running, and she did, aboard a stolen horse for many days, until she came upon something that put the fear of demon-dogs right out of her mind - a flagstone plaza, paved in yellow, red and gold flagstones. Built with large pillars anchoring the corners, which had long ago toppled, she noticed immediately the smashed panels of magitech viewing devices. Her eyes wide, she proceeded towards what seemed to be a masoleum at the center.

Instead, she found a grand staircase that descended into the earth. Following it, she found more magitech screens, most of them out of service, but also graven images - carvings of people recieving trophies, of strange designs. As she descended, she found a level sheltered from the elements - and working magitech. One item in particular captured her eye - on a pedestal, it seemed to be a pedestal with a pair of rings floating above it. She rubbed her finger over a jewel on the pedestal, and started as the rings floated up and started to rotate around one another, forming a sphere - with a flash of blue light, the sphere the rings were bordering was filled instantly with water. Amazed by the simple yet beautiful device, she lingered, toying with it (and grateful for the drink) before descending further.

Ultimately, she came upon a chamber which seemed to have a statue - a man in a leaping pose, his hand touching a ball. The room was filled with memorbilla of the man in a language she didn't understand, but pictures she did - such as those of him swimming through a leviathan-sized sphere of water like the one she had seen above, throwing the ball at a net. She realized then that it was a game of sport - like those she had played as a child. On a pedestal before the statue was a golden half-sphere, with a number of small rings within. This she took to be an objet d'arte, relevant to someone who understood things she did not, and a handle, like the hilt of a sword, which she presumed broken.

Then she heard the growl. Turning around, Kari's heart fled into her throat as she realized she hadn't lost the demon-dogs. They had tracked her, and worse - she was cornered. The dogs bared their teeth, and hunched to pounce, and Kari's hand reached for the first thing in sight, knowing her mortal knife would be no use.

Her hand closed around the golden 'statue', and she flung it - as she did so, a golden light filled the room, energy surging through her - the statue, which looked clunky, flew excellently, and hammered into the demon-dog's face, bouncing off and returning to her hand. Instinctively she dropped it to the floor, and kicked the ball, which was now a perfect sphere, half Oricalcum and half essence, crackling with energy, up into the head of the second demon-dog, who was flung backwards by the impact. She grabbed the handle of the sword from the pedestal, and instantly a blade of water flashed into existance in front of the handle, shimmering with bubbles and shining in the golden light. Savagely hooked at the end, she swung the long blade through the air, lopping the head from the first dog, and kicked again - the ball, which had returned to her and fallen at her foot, soared again, bashing the brains from the second demon-dog which had been set upon her.

The battle over, Kari's bosom heaved with exertion, and then she cried out as her sight faded to gold, replaced with a vision. She saw the man from the statues and the magitech screens, but as if given flesh again. He was standing atop a ring of an enormous stadium, like those she had seen in the screens - surrounding him, and the sphere, was a stadium whose size boggled the mind - it seemed to Kari as if all of Great Forks could have sat in it's seats, observing the events below. The crowd was unanimiously cheering, and he turned to face 'her' - there was an image of a golden sunburst on his forehead, as she realized, was on hers. "What once was," he said, tossing the ball - the very one she had used to fight off the dogs - into the air, and did a graceful back-dive into the pool, to thunderous applause. A team of six opposed him, all of them seeming to be Terrestrials, and she watched as the game seemed to be on - though it was five active participants to one, he swiftly trounced the team of Exalts, throwing the ball many more times into their nets than they into his. As a whistle blew, he leapt back out of the pool, and passed the golden ball to her. "You're up, newbie. Game on!" he cried, as her vision returned, and she found herself holding the ball in both hands, blinking.

She knew. She knew what had come, what had been wrought by the golden men and women of humanity's golden age, and she cried out in rage at it's having been torn down. She would restore Creation to it's proper place of peace and prosperity, she vowed - she would make things such that untold crowds could gather for diversion and entertainment, instead of the meager existance they eked out of the ground now. She was the first light that would usher in the dawn over a new world!

Appearance and Personality[]

Rikku Sitting.jpg

First Light is a young, beautiful girl - her bright golden hair held by a blue hairband, mostly spiky but with braided loops at the right side of her face. She wears little - a long scarf, yellow at both ends and darkening to red in the middle where it loops around her neck, with a yellow bikini top and bottom, and a hip-hugging set of browd shorts from which hang a few pouches. Silk bows decorate her arms, and brown leather gloves, fingerless, adorn her hands, and she wears a pair of blue boots, relics of the First Age.

Personality-wise, Kari is a bubbly, boisterous girl, for whom the world revolves around her. Somewhat prone to acting without thinking things through, she rushes headlong into risky situations with a laugh, and seldom - if ever - backs down from a dare or a challenge.


Please record which priority (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary) you assign to which attribute category. The line break tag must be preserved after the numerals to maintain formatting.


Strength 3
Dexterity 5
Stamina 3


Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 3


Perception 3
Intelligence 3
Wits 3


Favored/caste abilities should be indicated by adding ''' Boldface Markup ''' around the ability and it's numeral dot value. (Ex. If Archery is favored or in-caste, you would place three apostrophes around it like thus: ''' Archery 4 ''' and it will appear as Archery 4 ) The fast way to add this markup to your Caste abilities is to add the three apostrophes around the beginning of the first ability in your Caste list, and around the ending of the last one. Line break markup must be preserved.


Martial Arts
Melee 2 (Daiklaives +2)
Thrown 5 (Blitzballs +2)


Integrity 1
Performance 1
Resistance 1


Craft skills are individual skills taken, in discordance with the rest of Exalted's skill system. As such, Craft skills are a sub-heading of Twilight, and should be otherwise treated as any other skill. (Craft is favored as a category, so if you Favor Craft, mark all Craft skills as Favored. For the ease of information accessibility, please simply erase the entry for any Exotic Craft Skill you do not have nor plan to take, and erase the entire Exotic Craft Skills category if you do not plan to take any.

Craft Skills[]

Craft (Air)
Craft (Earth)
Craft (Fire)
Craft (Water)
Craft (Wood)

Exotic Craft Skills[]

Craft (Genesis)
Craft (Glamour)
Craft (Fate)
Craft (Magitech)
Craft (Moliating)

Lore 3


Athletics 5
Awareness 3
Dodge 5
Larceny 3
Stealth 3


Linguistics 2


Please keep track of the languages you know here. Specialization in Linguistics adds an area of a language that you can pass for a native as. (Ex: You're not a native speaker of High Realm, you take a dot of Linguistics and learn High Realm, and you then take a Specialization in High Realm and choose to sound as if you're a native from the Imperial City, you would write High Realm (Imperial City). If you're from the Isle, but not any particular important city, you would write High Realm (The Blessed Isle), and so forth and so on. When in doubt, ask the ST.)
Native Language: Rivertongue
Language 1 Thieves' Tongue
Language 2 Old Realm
Language 3
Language 4
Language 5


This should be a short list of the Backgrounds you spent points on; it should track what type of expense is paid; Background points, Bonus Points, and Experience Points. (A Background Point costs precisely 3 EXP.)

Goal-Seeking Wondershot, Artifact 4 Blitzball
First Light over Water, Artifact 3 Reaper Daiklaive
Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light Artifact 1
The Thieves' Canal, Water Manse 3 (The Freedom Stone)
Feather-Foot Kari's Pad, Resources 2 Apartment.


This should be the full list of your artifacts, if any, and you may include the artifact's full write-up. Artifacts are very major, and should have their own === sub-heading === entries. Artifacts should also link to their pages in Category:Panoply using [[In-Wiki Link]] markup.

Goal-Seeking Wondershot (Artifact 4 Blitzball)[]

The Goal-Seeking Wondershot is an ancient Artifact Blitzball left to Kari by her first-age incarnation, a legendary champion and patron of first-age sports known by many names, among them his most famous, being The Sun's First Goal. It has the following powers and statistics:

It returns automatically to it's attuned owner when she makes an attack with it, whether or not the attack is a success. This allows any number of attacks to be made. It is treated as an Archery weapon for the purposes of it's Magical Material bonii.

When charged with four motes of Essence (or one point of Willpower,) Goal-Seeking Wondershot can make a single, spectacularly flawless Wondershot. The throw or kick ignores all External or Internal penalties to the attack roll, and so long as the shot's intended target is within the shooter's maximum range, it scores, barring defensive magic. (This does not Invalidate Dodge or Parry DV, merely ignores them for a functionally perfect attack.)

Anyone who gets their hands on the Goal-Seeking Wondershot, even mortals, may use it's baseline attack statistics, but it will not return to them, nor may they invoke the Wondershot or benefit from it's Oricalcum nature. It suffers no drag in water, nor seemingly, gravity in air.

Goal-Seeking Wondershot has one Hearthstone setting.

It has an attunement cost of 8.

Speed 5, Accuracy +3, Damage +9B/3, Rate: 2, Range: 100, Mins: Dex 3, Tags: O
Speed 5, Accuracy -0, Damage +11B/3, Rate: 2, Range: 100, Mins: Dex 4, Tags: O, P

(The above statistics have factored in the Goal-Seeking Wondershot's magical material bonus.)

First Light over Water (Artifact 3 Reaper Daiklaive)[]

First Light over Water is the other gift left to First-Light Kari by her first-age predecessor. This magical blade was forged for him by a legendary Twilight Caste swordsmith, to his specifications. The hilt is made of Oricalcum - when charged with essence, the seemingly broken sword materializes a blade of pure water, as hard and sharp as Oricalcum itself.

It has the following powers and statistics:

The blade comes into existance when the sword is attuned. It may be banished reflexively for no cost, and rematerialized reflexively for the nominal cost of one mote of Essence (uncomitted.) The blade is permanent barring it's dismissal.

When wielded underwater, it is impossible to discern whether First Light over Water has a blade at all, for the blade is indistinguishable. The first attack made in a scene by First Light over Water while it is underwater is always Unexpected. Subsequent attacks against those who have witnessed the first attacks' effects are not Unexpected (unless other events cause them to be.)

First Light over Water has one Hearthstone setting. It has the following statistics.
Speed: 4, Accuracy +5, Damage +5L, Defense +4, Rate 4, Minimum Str 2, Attunement Cost: 7, Tags: -

Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light (Artifact 1)[]

Kari acquired this relatively standard Artifact when she was still called Feather-Foot Kari. She choose to keep it in lieu of other payment as a reward for her participation in a scavenger expedition. The reason for this s simple - if one in the thieving line of work is forced to skulk through a sewer to get where she is going, they will regret it - unless the effects vanish the moment she extracts herself from the water. This serves a practical purpose - nobody can easily track you because you smell of sewer if you don't, and a morale purpose - so she does not have to endure the feeling of being covered in filth. It also prevents sweating and other such unpleasentries.


The Thieves' Canal (Water Manse 3 (The Freedom Stone))[]

The Thieves' Canal is the amazing find Kari discovered when she swam back into Great Forks - at the conflux of the city's waterways, both underground and aboveground, she found a hidden secret, a chamber which formed a Hearthstone. The city of Great Forks was built atop a great many Dragon Lines, and so close to the Yellow River, many of them are Water-aspected - including the one which empowered the geomantically-constructed sewer in which she found the Freedom Stone, which now adorns her sword's hearthstone slot.


Here you should list your Charms. Please format them using === Sub-Heading Mark-up === by the related Ability (or Attribute, for you darn Lunars), and use * Bullet Lists for the individual Charm. More asterisks give you sub-bullets and sub-sub bullets, so you may freely represent trees of charms with indented bullets. Please begin each entry with the name of the charm in question, then a slash, the cost, another slash and the page (if applicable), and (if the Charm comes from a book other than Exalted 2nd Edition) the book it came from. (Custom Charms should simply have “Custom” in place of the Page entry, and no Book entry at all.)

Melee Charms[]

  • 1st Melee Excellency / 1 mote per die / Exalted p. 183

Thrown Charms[]

  • 1st Thrown Excellency / 1 mote per die / Exalted p. 183

Integrity Charms[]

  • Integrity-Protecting Prana / 5 motes Committed (day) + 1wp / Exalted p. 199

Resistance Charms[]

  • Ox-Body Technique (-1/-2/-2) / Permanent / Exalted p. 208

Athletics Charms[]

  • Graceful Crane Stance / 3m / Exalted p. 222
    • Perfect Poise Stance / Permanent / Abyssals p. 165 (Mirror; Effortless Unnatural Grace)
  • Brilliant Sunlight through Crystal Lagoon / 3m / Custom
    • Instant Sunshine in Darkest Abyss / Permanent / Custom

Dodge Charms[]

  • Reflex Sidestep Technique /1m / Exalted p. 227
  • Shadow Over Water / 1m / Exalted p. 227
    • Seven Shadow Evasion / 1m / Exalted p. 227
      • Flow Like Blood / 5m, 1wp / Exalted p. 227

Charm Details[]

Brilliant Sunlight through Crystal Lagoon[]

Cost: 3m; Mins: Athletics 5, Essence 3; Type: Reflexive (Step 1)
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: None

The Chosen of the Sun need neither the daughters of Danaa'd nor Magitech breathing apparatuses to accomplish their goals simply because of the barrier of deep water in their way. A Lawgiver who invokes Brilliant Sunlight through Crystal Lagoon takes a deep breath, and dives fearlessly into the waves.

With Essence coursing through her veins in lieu of air, the Lawgiver is freed from the requirement of breathing, and she swims with the grace of a golden fish, and the purposeful movements of a hunting Siaka. Her swimming Move and Dash distances are not cut in half, nor does she require any Athletics roll to swim. She may swim freely in light or medium armor; while wearing heavy or superheavy armor, she may not swim, but may walk freely along the surface of any body of water, be it a mere pond or the western Ocean. She may fight freely, suffering no penalties to attack creatures in or out of the water. She will not suffer the bends if surfacing from a deep dive, no matter how rapidly she surfaces, and if necessary, can provide breath for another person.

Instant Sunshine in Darkest Abyss[]

Cost: -; Mins: Athletics 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Brilliant Sunlight through Crystal Lagoon

Many a Lawgiver might stave off water rushing into his lungs by purchasing his survival with Essence, only to find in a dire emergency he is unable to do so, for he has already purchased his life with a different Charm. This poor state of affairs is unfit for a Lawgiver; to choose between death by drowning or death by the Siaka's teeth – enter Instant Sunshine in Darkest Abyss.

This Charm is a Permanent Enhancement to Brilliant Sunlight through Crystal Lagoon. It makes the invocation of the prior Charm not count as Charm use (and thus, not requiring a combo to invoke alongside other, more immediate Charms such as Heavenly Guardian Defense,) and it enhances Instant Sunshine through Crystal Lagoon to provide protection from the most crushing ocean depths imaginable. A Lawgiver with Instant Sunshine in Darkest Abyss is fully capable of leaping from the side of a boat and swimming straight to the floor of the deepest ocean trench imaginable, and lingering there as he needs to do what he must.

Perfect Poise Stance[]

Cost: - (1m); Mins: Athletics 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent Keywords: Mirror (Effortless Unnatural Grace, Abyssals p. 165) Duration: Instant Prerequisite Charms: Graceful Crane Stance

Younger Lawgivers might steady themselves for a time with their Essence, only to slip from their perch and plummit in a key moment when they cannot afford to use a Charm activation on the effect. With this Charm, however, activating Graceful Crane Stance no longer counts as a Charm use. More importantly, whenever the Lawgiver has Graceful Crane Stance active, she can spend one mote to land flawlessly without damage from any height, and automatically succeeds on any attempt to arrest a fall by grabbing onto something (unless there is absolutely nothing to grab).)


Defense-Evading Midfielder Blitz (1m+)[]

A Blitz Hero has no time to deal with the other team's defensive line. She arrows through like a silvery fish, her eyes on the goal - whether on or off the field - avoiding all resistance, even that she could not have anticipated.
This Combo includes the potent combination of Reflex Sidestep Technique and Seven Shadow Evasion. It also includes the first Thrown and Melee Excellencies - so a Midfielder can break through the defensive line and shoot, or a warrior set upon by foes may evade the unexpected attacks and fight on (or launch a potent attack without dropping her defenses on the sidelines.)


This section should list the equipment your character routinely uses and carries with them. Attention should be paid to weapons and armor, whether mundane or magical; please reproduce their statistics in full, but omit any the bulk of background text for artifacts and such. (Mundane equipment that has a special background should have a brief explanation.) Remember that you need to insert either two line breaks by using the Enter key on your keyboard, or HTML line break markup.

Mundane Equipment[]

Perfect Clothes[]

A set of Perfect clothing made for her from blue Wyld spider-goat silk, this swim suit holds Kari's breasts firm and tight, and allows water to glide easily over her, cinching up when wet, and combined with the first-age boots she had left over from an old treasure hunt, keeps her comfortable no matter what stunts she performs. It adds two dice to Athletics rolls for it's perfection.

Magical Equipment[]

Vital Information[]

Willpower 10/10[]

Please list your Permanent willpower as a number, and track Willpower expenses also as a number before it. (Ex, if you had 5 Permanent Willpower and have expended one point, you might write 4/5 for your Willpower.)


Please mark your Primary Virtue clearly, and delinate your Virtues as numbers; with a seperate number to indicate the number of times that Virtue has been channeled for bonus die on a roll. (Ex, if you had Compassion as your primary, had 4 dots of Compassion and had Channeled it for four bonus dice twice, you would write Compassion (Primary) 2/4).

Compassion (Primary) 5/5[]

Conviction 3/3[]

Temperance 2/2[]

Valor 5/5[]

Limit 0/10[]

Please indicate your Limit as a numerical value, opposed to 10. (IE, if you had two points of Limit, you would write 2/10).

Valor Flaw: Fearless Thrill-Seeking Spirit[]

The Bronze Tigers are reknowned for their glory in battle, but being fearless in bloodshed is not their only trait. The possessor of this Virtue Flaw is not a bloodthirsty monster, but is out to prove her valor in the face of challenges and dares. She will climb a mountain because it is there, and hungers to perform more and more spectacular feats of skillful prowess.

Limit Break Condition[]

The character gains a point of Limit when she is issued a challenge which is within her capabilities, if only remotely, and refuses to accept. Obviously suicidal challenges (such as "I bet you can't swim a river of lava") or impossible challenges ("I bet you can't wrestle with the Kukla") may be rejected freely. (Contingent upon the character not having any way to survive a river of lava, or being unable to summon the Kukla, for example. What is suicidal and impossible is highly contingent upon the character's capabilities.) Challenges which involve doing harm or death to another may also be rejected - killing someone is not a sporting challenge, it's murder, and the just Lawgiver is beneath murder-for-sport. Challenges need not be issued by a person - a "warning, do not climb" sign is sufficient challenge, as is the majestic sight of a mountain the likes of which she has never climbed. A character need not drop everything they are doing to run off and accept a challenge - in the middle of a desperate search for a missing girl, she has no time to swim a river simply because it is there, though she must come back as soon as her immediate concerns are dealt with or accept a point of Limit.

Limit Break Effects[]

If the character suffers a Limit Break, she drops everything short of defending herself to run off and acomplish the largest challenge in recent memory. She need not travel half a world (unless she can do so expediently) to reach the site of a challenge, instead preferring the largest challenge near enough to her. She runs off with no preperation, but she does not shed any equipment she may be carrying, and may use it freely. She will not stop until she has completed the challenge, or a number of days equal to twice her Essence score have passed without completing the challenge.

Partial Control Limit Break Effects[]

The Lawgiver becomes despondant over her inability, and starts to berate herself for her lack of skill. She suffers a -3 internal penalty to all rolls, as she believes herself to be far less than she is, and this penalty does not go away until she has departed to engage in rigorous personal training for a number of days equal to her Essence score.

Combat Statistics[]

Defense Values[]

Please note your Defense Values here. For your convenience, the formula for determining your DV have been provided. Please indicate your natural (without magic other than that on your armor and/or shield or weapon) DV first, with your full DV, enhanced by Charms you will typically use as a prelude to battle, enhancements from Hearthstones, or other sources, afterwards, in Parenthesis. (Ex, if your natural Parry DV is 5, and you have a Hearthstone which grants a blanket +1 to Parry DV, you would write it as ==== Parry DV 5(6) ====

Dodge DV 7[]

Dodge DV is (Dexterity (5) + Dodge (5) + Essence (3) if 2 or greater), divide by two and round up.
13/2 = 6.5 rounded to 7

Parry DV 7[]

Parry is rated as (Dexterity (5) + Ability (4) + Weapon Defense Bonus) (4)) divide by two and round up.
13/2 = 6.5 rounded to 7

Mental Dodge DV 7[]

Mental Dodge is calculated as (Willpower (10) + Integrity (1) + Pertinent Specialty + Essence (3))/2
In this instance, Willpower is treated as an Attribute for determining Charm bonus maximums, round up. (10+1+3 = 14/2 = 7)

Mental Parry DV 2[]

Mental Parry DV is calculated as the higher of Charisma (2) or Manipulation (2) + the highest of Investigation, Performance (1) or Presence, plus any pertinent specializations, divided by two, rounded up. (Mathematically, that's (Attribute + Ability + Specialization)/2, rounded up. Stunts must be appropriate to the attribute/ability combination used. (You may use a sub-optimal ability at any time on your own behest.)
2+1 = 3/2 = 1.5 rounded up to 2


Please delineate your Soak values numerically, and in parenthesis after your nominal Soak values, the value of Soak that would apply against a Piercing attack. (Ex. If your Natural Lethal Soak before armor is 3 (thus indication that you probably have Stamina 3), and your armor adds 6 points of Lethal soak, you would write ====Lethal Soak 9(6) ====. Remember: Natural Soak, unless specifically allowed, does not apply against Aggrevated soak, so in the example above, you would only write ====Aggravated Soak 6(3) ==== - a very good reason not to be hit by anything capable of dealing Aggravated damage!)

Bashing Soak 3[]

Lethal Soak 1[]

Aggravated Soak 0[]


For brief reference (so it will appear in the table of contents), list your health levels in the Health entry as your current health levels versus your temporary health levels (Ex, if you had no applications of the Ox-Body Charm and one box of wound, you would list 6/7.) For completion, track your Health levels here – a bracketed box which is empty is undamaged, one with a B has been filled with a Bashing wound, one with an L has been filled with a Lethal wound, and one with an A has been filled with an Aggravated wound. Add additional boxes as necessary, remember to preserve line break formatting. Remember to add Dying boxes equal to your Stamina. ~0 [ ]
~1 [ ] [ ] [ ]
~2 [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
~4 [ ]
Incapacitated [ ]

Essence 3 (19/19) (29/46)[]

Please mark your Essence score above, as well as your Motes as a pair of numerical current versus total values, and track your Motes of Essence below in more detail. (Ex, if you have Essence 3, 18 points of Personal pool, and 36 points of Peripheral pool, 8 of which you have Committed to an artifact, and have spent no Motes recently, you would write ===Essence 3; 18/18 28/36). Remember to track under Committed where the motes Committed are going, and where they come from.

  • Personal 19/19
  • Peripheral 30/46
    • Committed 16 Peripheral
      • 8 committed to Goal-Seeking Wondershot
      • 7 committed to First Light over Water
      • 1 committed to Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light

Other Information[]

Use the space provided to track additional information about your character.


Use this space to track your character's Intimacies.


Use this space to track your character's available and total Experience (and mark it above in terms of available versus total.)

Bonus Point Expenditure[]

Use this space to track the Bonus Points expended during character generation.

Experience Point Expenditure[]

Use this space to track your character's experience point expenditure.

Various OOC Notes[]

And finally, use this space to track any other information you want to keep track of.