100 Elysian Drop Regiment - A Tale to Tell[]

Date: 2 201 155 M 39

For Elysia

Location: Curaze, Aerodrome

Unit: 100 Drop Troop Regiment ( „All Elysia“), 3 Battalion, 26 Company (R),1 Platoon, 4 Squad

4 Squad consists of

Sgt. Tomek " Steel" Johnson and Cynthia Rattlesnake ( Vox Operator)

" Joker " Harkon Ryder, Plasma Gunner and Lidia Kleopatra ( Armswoman)

Kato "Bones" Grabner, Medic and Roland "Little Bones", Medic Auxiliae

Episode 1 - As We Opened Fire[]

2 201 156 M 39: Batallion was ordered to reinforce the trench-line by air drop 

Squad executed jump and reported in at Platoon Command Post. Lt Hobbo sent them down the trenchline to reinforce an Elysian Mortar Gun pit.

Squad had contact with an enemy sniper.