Welcome to the Forge of Heroes wiki! This is a wiki for the Forge of Heroes campaign, an Exalted group located at the Ohio State University and run by Dean.


Player Characters[]

Alavar Wolfbrother, a Dawn Caste played by Jordan

Sutoomi Micharu Haren, a Twilight Caste played by Stormie

Absence no Fukuwarai, a Night Caste played by Leigh

First Virtue, an Eclipse Caste played by Alan

Baldric, a Full Moon Caste played by Steve

Melodi, a Chosen of Secrets played by Mike

Black Butler, a Moonshadow Caste played by Rob



Session One, Irons in the Fire - In which we meet most of our heroes.

Completing The Circle[]

Session Two, Beneath the Sands - In which our heroes find another of their kind, while losing a second.

Session Three, Nothing Ever Happens in The Lap - In which our heroes blow up a tavern and talk to a spider man.

Session Four, We're On A Boat - In which our heroes net a Sidereal and slap a door with a fish.

Session Five, Home Sweet Home? - In which our heroes kill a bitch and see an oddly familiar face.

(Story arc 2)[]

Session Six, Shadows of the Past - In which our heroes learn a bit of their predecessors' past.

Session Seven, Dancing with the Wolf - In which our heroes encounter a disturbed "ally" from long ago.

Session Eight, The Enemy of my Enemy - In which our heroes break a barbarian out of jail and perform the Penultimate Crotch-kick.

Session Nine, A Convoy East - In which our heroes accompany (and rob) a Guild caravan.

Session Ten, Hollow Memories - In which our heroes discover the first of their tombs.

Other Pages[]

NPCs - A list of important characters from the game.

House Rules - How this game differs from most other Exalted campaigns.

Quotes - Bring out... THE FUNNY THINGS!

Panoply - A list of items that the party possesses