English explanation: This is the short description of Gwynddor, one of the continents of Myra. Infos for the Gwynddor 5e campaign can be found here on RPG Wikia. The campaign can take 2-3 more regular players and usually can accept 1-2 newbies to jump in which a premade Char given to them. Playing is online only in 2020 and usually 21:00 (9 pm) CET on Saturdays every fourtnight.

Gwynddor is one of twelve Segments of the Machairas half of our world Myra. The prime Wise Guardian was Biba Till, later followed by Hlill and from the year 422 after the Battle of Pondaron by Nervan. Gwynddor is close to the Bloody Belt in tropical or, in the machairas reaches, sub-tropical climate, with most humans being dark-skinned in fifty shades of brown.

Neighbouring continents are Yhllgord on one and Zhaketia on the other side, with Rodebran bordering in the Machairas and the Bloody Belt and the Witchworld half of the globe beyond it in the Ophis

Roleplayers join us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/QE32V2r