Credit to Castle Falkenstein Core book, pp 84-85

Sigil GoldenDawn.JPG

AKA Golden Dawn

Although in our world the Golden Dawn is known as the organization that spawned the notorious sorceror and would-be demonologist Aleister Crowley, in the world of Castle Falkenstein, this Order has a much more established and orthodox history, going back to ancient temples originally established to worship the goddess Isis. The Golden Dawn’s teachings also combine what little is known of the works of Hermes Trismegistus and a smattering of Egyptian and Celtic traditions. In general, the Dawn are the closest thing to a secret society of power-hungry magicians planning to take over the world. Like their sworn enemies the Illuminati, they also manipulate events and politics, but for personal power and economic gain. Although the Golden Dawn has not yet exhibited the evil characteristics seen in its later history, they are very dangerous and bear close watching.

The group’s symbol is currently a stylized ram and crescent motif. This is often worn as a pin or pendant by members. Black, hooded robes covered in red cabbalistic symbols are worn when practicing the Art. The Dawn is strongest in England, Wales and Prussia, favored places where it can maintain a network of hidden temples and secret meeting places.




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