Hoveljammed is a campaign based on the webcomic Homestuck, in which a group of six young trolls from Alternia start a game of SGRUB.

Player Characters[]

  • Tormaz Iommii, a greenblood and the Scourge of Time; played by Dean
  • Mozibe Seproc, a low-blood and the Mage of Blood; played by Steve
  • Fildon Nameth, a highblood and the Philosopher of Hope; played by Rob
  • Telose Xandra, a yellowblood and the Seer of Space; played by Mike
  • Kerred Titain, a blueblood and the Thief of Light; played by Brenna
  • Glemo Olmeg, a Trollbot and the Scion of Freedom played by Jeff

Other Pages[]

  • Quotes - In which hilarity is kept.
  • NPCs - Various characters our heroes have met along their travels.