OpenRPG can at times be a fiddly son of a gundark to get installed. If the auto-installer isn't working for you - and let's face it, it probably won't, the thing is rubbish - follow these steps exactly and it should get it working!

Install PythonEdit

Install wxPythonEdit

Install OpenRPG+Edit

  • Download The OpenRPG+ 1.8.0 Installer and run the executable file.
    • Tell the installer no when it asks to install Python and wxPython (as we've already installed good versions of those), but yes when it asks to install OpenRPG 1.8.0. Ignore any twinges in your mind about OpenRPG 1.8.0 being designed for later versions of Python and wxPython, it will work.

Update OpenRPGEdit

  • Run OpenRPG from the Start Menu. The OpenRPG Updater will launch first.
    • In the left drop-down box, select 'release'
    • In the right drop-down box, select ''
      • Click Update Now and wait until it's done updating. Congratulations!

Launch OpenRPGEdit

That should be it! Launch OpenRPG, and you're good to go! It handles much like Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - use /me before some text to make the program format your text as an action, use /name and a name to change your name, etcetera.

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