Karcanon is the oldest contintinent for RPG-campaigns on the SharedWorld-project Myra. The Myra Adventures have been played here since 1980, some fourty years ago at the time of writing these lines. Most current campaigns played on Karcanon are in German. If language skills or babelfish allow you to take part in that - feel free to join us on Discord and read up on these links:

Soloabenteuer auf Karcanon[]

Rollenspiel auf Myra gibt es auch als Soloabenteuer auf Karcanon:

Abenteuer in Silur[]

Abenteuer am Grünen Meer[]

Using ready-made Modules for Karcanon[]

Yet unused adventure modules can be used for "official" Myra Adventures, which actually change the history of the shared world. Please check with the Game Master (GM) for the PBeM-campaign on Karcanon before wanting to DM an official adventure on the continent in their care. At the time of writing this, 440 n.P., these are User:IrasCignavojo and User:Katuum-von-TaronDonUmn; plus if the part where the adventure is set is outside your DM-jurisdiction (q.v. Kulturhoheit (German)) with the relevant co-worldbuilder for that part of our shared world.

If you just want to run your own campaign at home in your own version of Myra, you can skip those steps and just play and have fun! In that case, please also roam our extended range of already-officially-played modules set on Myra and feel free to play them either in the years where they "officially happened" or in a timeline of your choosing.

Yet unused Pathfinder Society (and other ready made) Scenarios[]

Would you be interested in the location and adaptation for more modules?

(to be continued)