Applicable languages for the Kartazia Setting.

All Languages have three levels of "spoken" (broken, accented and fluent), and two levels of "written" (broken and fluent). A character cannot have more points spent on "written" that's in "spoken". For instance, a character who spends 1 points in "Yorglish - spoken", cannot have "Yorglish - written" on "fluent" level.

Kartazia's Living Languages[]

Yorglish: Spoken on the Adaran Confederacy, the Yorglen islands and its colonies.

Zergan: Spoken on Zaitsan and Arden.

Lusani: Spoken on Luksenar and its colonies.

Lerandri: Spoken on the eastern part of Lionar. The official language of Lionar and its colonies.

Farish: Spoken on the western part of Lionar.

Orvon: Spoken on Tergovia.

Terlari: Spoken on Venara and its colonies.

Kartazia's Dead Languages[]

Zernish: Spoken on the old Zenar Empire. The official language of the Church.

Valon: The language of the old Valonian Empire. Nobody knows this language on "spoken - fluent".

Other Languages[]

Demonic: Official language of all magical texts, plus the language used to interact with demons and all sorts of spirits. Magical creatures that are capable of speech usually speak demonic.

Marnen: Spoken by the Maenars of the Obrogand Continent. Reputedly very difficult to learn.

Orkan: Spoken by the Orksen from the north of Kartazia.

Sharial: Spoken by the Sharians of the Adaran Continent.

Almarin: Spoken in Tamshara, with various dialects.

Hokkari: Spoken in Hokkaiko.