Mentalists: Kartazia's Psionics[]

People who display psychic powers, in Kartazia, are known as "Mentalists". Mentalists have been around since the dawn of time and have always been integrated with society. They are MUCH rarer than mages: only one in each 100.000 individuals is born a mentalist, but they are widely accepted and, some times, feared.

Because they are few, they have ever found ways to be close to others of their kind, A mentalist's life is anything but easy, and close proximity with mages is often a problem for them, as they are invariable seen as a good source of study.

Anyone can become a Mentalist at any moment, and the process by which a person starts gaining psychic powers is called an "Awakening". Awakening usually happens during late adolescence, although there are also cases of late bloomers. Cases in which a child became a mentalist are less than 10 throughout history (and in most of these cases, they went mad during puberty).

Unlike Magery, psychic powers are not hereditary. A mentalist couple has as good a chance as anyother to have a mentalist offspring.

Awakening: 5 points[]

Every Mentalist must purchase a 5 point advantage: "Awakened". This means he can purchase psychic powers as outlined below. Mentalists can be mages, and nothing prevents them from ALSO buying Magery, but Magery and the Awakening are different things, and must be bought off separately.

However, each level in Magery DOES add up to a Mentalist's psychic power levels. So a Mentalist with Magery 4 adds +4 to all his psychic power skill levels.

In fact, the Parachronic Convention of Aasimar, in Arden, is known to preferrably employ Mentalist Mages, and actively seek them out. The rarity of those, however, prevents the Convention from being made up entirely of these individuals.

Psychic Talent and Magery[]

Every psychic power belongs to a specific group. Mentalists can by "Talent" for those groups at 5 points per level. This gives them a +1 to their skill rolls in powers from that group, only.

The seven psychic power groups are: Telepathy, Telekinesis, ESP, Mediumnity, Psychic Healing, Psychometabolism and Focus.

Magery, however, adds up to all psychic power levels. So up to Magery 4, it is more cost effective to invest in Magery than in specific talents. Mentalists, however, can buy Talent levels that go over the fourth. A Mentalist can have up to +10 bonus in his powers due to Talent or Magery. However, even if his levels of Talent + Magery goes over 10, he does not benefit from those. The maximum bonus he can get is +10.

Hubris and Psychic Powers[]

Hubris does not affect psychic powers. There are some of those which are exactly like spells. Hubris does not affect those either.

The Powers[]

Psychic powers are bought as magics from GURPS Magic. Over these rules, the term "psychic power" equals "magic spell" when it comes to game mechanics. However, there are fundamental differences in the way they work:

  • Psychic powers can be bought in any order, regardless of the spell's prerequisite tree.
  • By default, no words or gestures are required to perform a psychic power.
  • High skill level does not reduce the energy cost.
  • High skill level does not decrease the time to cast.
  • Psychic powers cannot be made ceremonial.
  • A mentalist can increase his effective skill level with a tradeoff of energy for skill without the need to enter a ceremonial with another Mentalist, and without having to expand the time to cast ten times over.

In addition to those modifiers, a Mentalist can purchase specific modifications to each of his skills:

  • Less Energy: 1 character point can be used to reduce the energy to cast and maintain of a single psychic power.
  • Quickness: 1 character point can be used to reduce a psychic power's time to cast by half. If the power naturally takes 1 second to cast, this can allow it to be cast "blocking".
  • Multiplicity: 5 character points can be used to allow a Mentalist to cast an already blocking power in 0 time, thus also allowing him to cast another power in the same turn.
  • Regular Range: Character points can increase the range of "regular" powers. Each character point causes the range penalty to increase by 1 hex. For instance, the usual penalty is -1 per hex of distance. For 1 character point, this range penalty becomes -1 for every 2 hexes. For 2 character points, the penalty becomes -1 for every 3 hexes, and so on.

These power modifiers must be purchased separately for each known psychic power.

Focused Items[]

A focused item is an item who was empowered with a psychic power. Like a magical enchantment, but for psychic powers. Focused items follows the same rules as for magical enchantments found on GURPS Magic, but with a few modifications:

  • All mentalists know how to focus items by default. They do not need an "Enchant" power for that.
  • All mentalists know the psychic version of the "Power" and "Speed" enchantment by default.
  • Anyone can use a focused item, not only a mage, even if the given power says that only a mage should be able to use the item.
  • To focus an item, the mentalists has to use Essence, just like regular Kartazian mages. Each point of essence allows the enchantment of 200 energy points in 1 hour of concentration. However, instead of being limited in how many points of essence they can use by their "Magic Theory" skill, Mentalists are limited by twice their respective group Talent bonus. Thus, a character with "Telepathy +3" can only focus an item with a Telepathy enchantment of up to 6 essence points. Mentalists can pool their power together to enchant items with more essence at a given time.

Powers and Spells[]

Psychic powers can interact with magical spells. A "Detect Magic" psychic power, for instance, will show up ongoing magic spells, just as a "Detect Magic" spell will detect ongoing psychic powers.

Mana also affects both powers normally: Psychic powers do not work on Mana 0, and are improved on high mana areas.

However, a mentalist mage cannot use a one of his psychic powers as if they were spells, nor the other way around. If a Mentalist Mage has the "Command" spell, he cannot use it as a Psychic power to refrain from gaining Hubris, not unless he does have the same effect bought as a psychic power. Also, he could not use any of his psychic power enhancements on his magical spells, even if they are the same. He would have to purchase the same power twice if he wants to do that.

List of Powers by Group[]

 Telepathy   Psychometabolism   ESP 
 (Animal) Control   Agonize   Air Vision 
 Avoid   Alertness   Alarm 
 Awaken   Alter Voice   Ancient History 
 Beast Link   Ambidexterity   Aura 
 Beast Possession   Balance   Dark Vision 
 Beast Rouser   Boost (Attribute)   Deflect Missile 
 Beast Seeker   Cadence   Detect Magic 
 Beast Soother   Catch Missile   Detect Poison 
 Beast Speech   Choke   Divination 
 Beast Summoning   Climbing   Dream Viewing 
 Berserker   Clumsiness   Far-Feeling 
 Bird Control   Control Limb   Far-Tasting 
 Borrow Language   Control Person   Find Direction 
 Borrow Skill   Dexterity   Find Weakness 
 Bravery   Dull Ears   Gift of Tongues 
 Command   Dull Eyes   Glass Wall 
 Compel Lie   Dull Nose   History 
 Compel Truth   Dullness   Identify Plant 
 Daze   Fatigue   Infravision 
 Disorient   Frailty   Iron Arm 
 Dream Projection   Fumble   Know Location 
 Dream Sending   Hold Breath   Know Recipe 
 Drunkeness   Hunger   Know True Shape 
 Emotion Control   Itch   Mage Sense 
 Enthrall   Keen Ears   Measurement 
 False Memory   Keen Eyes   Rear Vision 
 Fascinate   Keen Nose   Recall 
 Fear   Lend Strength   Remember Path 
 Fish Control   Might   Retrogression 
 Foolishness   Night Vision   Reveal Function 
 Forgetfulness   Pain   Schematic 
 Glib Tongue   Paralyze Limb   See Invisible 
 Great Hallucination   Perfume   Seek Air 
 Hallucination   Reflexes   Seek Earth 
 Hide Emotion   Resist Pain   Seek Fire 
 Hide Thoughts   Retch   Seek Fuel 
 Hybrid Control   Rooted Feet   Seek Machine 
 Insect Control   Sense Life   Seek Plant 
 Lend Language   Sensitize   Seek Power 
 Lend Skill   Sickness   Seek Water 
 Loyalty   Spasm   Seeker 
 Madness   Steal Energy   Sense Danger 
 Mammal Control   Strike Anosmic   Sense Observation 
 Mass Daze   Strike Blind   Sound Vision 
 Mass Sleep   Strike Deaf   Tell Position 
 Mass Suggestion   Strike Dumb   Tell Time 
 Master   Strike Numb   Test Area 
 Memorize   Stun   Test Food 
 Mental Stun   Tanglefoot   Test Fuel 
 Mind Reading   Tickle   Trace 
 Mind Search   Total Paralysis 
 Mind Sending   Vigor   Telekinesis 
 Mollusk Control      Apportation 
 Nightmare   Focus   Fast Fire 
 Panic   Amulet   Freedom 
 Peaceful Sleep   Conceal Magic   Glitch 
 Persuasion   Counterspell   Haste 
 Plant Speech   False Aura   Hinder 
 Possession   Magic Resistance   Ignite Fire 
 Projection   Malefice   Lend Power 
 Repel (Animal)   Missile Shield   Lighten Burden 
 Repel Hybrids   Reflect Gaze   Lockmaster 
 Reptile Control   Remove Aura   Locksmith 
 Restore Memory   Remove Curse   Machine Control 
 Rider   Scryguard   Malfunction 
 Rider Within   Scrywall   Manipulate 
 Sense Emotion   Suspend Magery   Poltergeist 
 Sense Foes   Talisman   Slow Fall 
 Sleep   Ward   Slow Fire 
 Soul Rider      Sound 
 Suggestion   Psychic Healing   Undo 
 Telepathy   Bless Plants   Winged Knife 
 Terror   Body Reading 
 Truthsayer   Heal Plant   Mediumnity 
 Vexation   Lend Health   Astral Block 
 Vigil   Neutralize Poison   Astral Vision 
 Weaken Will   Recover Strength   Command Spirit 
 Wisdom   Relive Addiction   Death Vision 
    Relive Madness   Exorcism 
    Relive Sickness   Materialize 
    Resist Poison   Repel Spirits 
    Share Strength   Sense Spirit 
    Stop Bleeding   Solidify 
    Stop Spasm   Summon Spirit 
    Strengthen Will   Turn Spirit