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Character Improvements[]


Mission Summary[]

It was all a dream. Sort of.

In this mission, the team SG-21 is formed from a group of diverse SGC employees who, unbeknownst to them, were subjected to a virtual reality simulation of a Foothold situation. This was facilitated by using the VR Pods developed by the Volsinii on the Gamekeeper's world (P7J-989).

In the Foothold simulation, the team finds the base relatively abandoned, except for a few dead airmen and the other members of the team. Ann Felger was in the mess hall, sampling the large variety of chocolate pudding that the base has to offer. Mordecai was wearing a snuggie for most of the simulation.

The gate contained an active wormhole, and the team makes a makeshift MALP from a camera attached to a transmitter, which gets destroyed when tossed through the gate. They worked on restoring iris control and accessing the base's self-destruct.

The team combats several Jaffa that appear through the gate. Narel turns invisible and rushes into the room to beat up some of the Jaffa. Mordy uses his Wraith stunner and Col. Hughes uses his P90.


  • "In case of Goa'uld/Foothold, break glass."
  • "The Goa'uld are after our pudding?" "Bill Cosby is a Goa'uld!"
  • "Isn't that thing supposed to be unhackable?" Mordecai: "Is it?"


  • 4XP
  • MVP: Our Sodan, for kicking a Jaffa soldier back into the wormhole (thus disintegrating him)
  • Choice of: SGC Operations skill point or Simulated Realities skill point