This is the main page for the Layflat RPG group, primarily for the RPG Earthdawn. We are currently using the RedBrick Earthdawn Classic rules for this campaign.

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Game Concepts[]

Adventure Summaries[]

Season Two: Earthdawn Harder[]

Archives from the 1st Campaign[]

Player Characters[]


Non-Player Characters[]

  • Mysterious Man - A mysterious hermit like man whom the group met in their first adventure.
  • Mister Darkwood - Perhaps some sort of bad guy? Or just a crazy book collector? Who knows?!

Jerris (City)[]

Exit Stage Left[]

House Rules[]

  • We are using the RedBrick Alternate Discipline rules found here: [1].
  • Windscout sub-Discipline Delver
  • Ba'ru-C'li (Way of the Dragon) Discipline Work in Progress
  • Karma costs 5 LP per point.
  • Movement House Rules: You move a number of hexes equal to your Dexterity Step for combat movement, with a bonus or penalty as follows: Orcs and Elves get +1 Hex, Obsidimen and Dwarves get -1 Hex, Windlings get -2 Hexes for walking and +1 hex for Flying. This isn't a hard and fast rule, but a simple method of resolving movement. Full Movement is twice your combat movement value, as usual.
  • Legend Points for Journal entries are worth Current Circle of the primary discipline x 100 LP.
  • The Tail Dance (Talent) can be used as the second Tail attack instead of rolling to remove the -2 penalty for the attack. In other words, you may elect to simply attack using the Tail Dance roll as the result for the second attack.
  • Ritual of the Ghost Master, as a Talent or a Talent Knack, is not needed to learn from Ghost Masters in this campaign.
  • Wound Balance adds to all Knockdown rolls instead of just Knockdown rolls after taking a Wound. This is to simplify bookkeeping.

Official Optional Rules[]

  • Rule of Three (EDPC p 18) - Only three sources of augmentation to any roll, maximum (not including thread magic)
  • Independent Talent Knacks (EDPC p 215) - Adepts can learn Talent Knacks on non-Discipline Talents at 2 Ranks higher.
  • Unweaving Threads (EDPC p 270) - Adepts can unweave threads
  • Spell Learning Cost (EDPC p 284) - Circle x 100 silver base cost for buying new spells
  • Bypassing Cover (EDPC p 286) - Spellcasting Adepts can use Astral Sensing to bypass cover
  • Minimum Weapon Damage (EDPC p 399) - On a Good success or higher, the weapon deals a minimum of its base damage (often Damage Step + Strength Step)
  • Damage to Weapons and Armor (EDPC p 400)
  • Jumping Up (EDPC p 405) - Adepts may attempt a kip up to get off the Knocked Down position with a Dexterity (6) test (include Armor penalties to the Dex test)
  • Circle-based Attribute Improvement (EDPC p 420) - Per written, except that Attributes can be purchased at any time, up to a maximum number of points of 5 per Attribute and total maximum points equal to the Primary Discipline's Circle
  • Realigning Durability (EDPC p 428) - Durability can be reset to a different Discipline
  • Better and Best Items (EDPC p 433) - Higher quality items can be purchased, at an increased cost and availability

Links and Other Resources[]

  • [2] - RPTools, the home of MapTool, which we currently use for our games.
  • [3] - The free VoIP program we use for our games.

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