It's Godlike! It's Wild Talents! It's both! Our Other4 campaign is a gritty Supers campaign that takes place during the beginning of World War II. In a world on fire, four superheroes (known as "Talents") are recruited by the United States Secret Service to detect and protect other Talents in the Homeland for the war effort. Not even the President knows who they are, but they will have an immeasurable impact in the War to end all Wars.

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Non-Player Characters[]

These are characters who appear either centrally in a Layflat Wild Talents session or are recurring characters.

(In order of appearance)

Other Discovered Talents[]

These are dossiers of Talents who are discovered by the PCs, but aren't central characters (NPCs) in a Layflat Wild Talents session. When writing up a dossier, don't forget to write the date of discovery along with the entry.

(In order of discovery)

Season 1 Episode Summaries[]

Season 2 Episode Summaries[]

Season 3 Episode Summaries[]

The World of Godlike[]

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