Leviathan is one of the greatest beings still surviving from the First Age. He is a Full Moon Lunar, and his spirit shape is that of a great killer whale. Leviathan was an Admiral in the fleets of the First Age, and the highest-ranking non-Solar. Rumors that he is mad have spread to the most carefully listening of ears. He is wanted dead by the Bronze Faction. His is the Lunar mate of Largo the Black Lion, formerly of Kendik Arcadi, and the former lover of Amyana.

Leviathan has been the party's greatest ally so far, providing them with information and seeking out their other Lunar Mates. His exact motives were revealed when the party delved into the tomb of Brigid and were attacked by the Deathlord titled The First and Forsaken Lion, who Leviathan revealed was the soul of Admiral Arcadi. He had been searching the oceans of Creation for the Jade Prison ever since the Usurpation, to the point where his "rulership" of Luthe was something of a cover-up.

He aided the party on their raid of Luthe and holds four Prayer Transceiver Modules, along with Serentatis and Piqujait. He has served as the face of the party's Lunar Pack as its ranking member, and has considerable leadership qualities that are beginning to resurface from a long time spent in exile. He is highly respected amongst the Lunars, though considered something of a radical.

For the past 1200 years, Leviathan had been purportedly guarding Luthe, which he has cultured into a city of beastmen. Luthe is currently in the control of an entirely uncertain hostile entity.

Leviathan has an Essence rating of 7. Leviathan owns a powerful trident, Islebreaker, which sits on the Luthe's throne. He seems to eschew equipment for the most part, letting his immense strength crush any obstacles in his way. He is one of the most deadly living Exalts in direct combat, particularly if a large body of water is nearby where he can assume his great whale form.

Leviathan enjoys scholarly discussions with Fern, as she more than anyone else reminds him of the wonders of the First Age. He is very glad to see that Dax and Serentatis are getting along. However, by far his favorite member of the party is his Solar Mate Largo, as he enjoys and shares the Black Lion's directness, confidence, and enthusiasm, as well as his enormous size.

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