General Info Edit

Name: Lightning Without Thunder Caste: Scourge Concept: all of you shut up oh my yozi


liberate Thorns from the Mask of Winters


Kill all the Dead



the safety of Thorns

the coven, especially Ceylin

Negative: The Mask of Winters(Hate)

Intimacy 5

Intimacy 6

Intimacy 7

Intimacy 8

Intimacy 9

Attributes Edit

Mental: Social: Physical:
Perception: 2 Appearance: 5 (4) Strength: 5
Intelligence: 3 Charisma: 3 (2) Dexterity: 5
Wits: 4 Manipulation: 2 Stamina: 3

Abilities Edit

Archery: 0 X Martial Arts: 5 Melee: 0 Thrown: 0 War: 0

X Integrity: 5 Performance: 0 Presence: 0 X Resistance: 2 Survival: 0

X Crafts: 3(5 when working to build stuff or helping with building) Investigation: 1 Lore: 1(5 when working to build stuff or help with building) Medicine: 1 X Occult: 5


Craft (Fire)

Craft (Air)

Craft (Vitriol)


Thaumaturgy (Enchantment)

Athletics: 5 Awareness: 3 Dodge: 5 Larceny: 1 Stealth: 2

Bureaucracy: 0 Linguistics: 1 Ride: 1 Sail: 0 Socialize: 0


Native: Riverspeak

Language 1: Old Realm

Backgrounds Edit

Cult: **

Demonic Patron (Adorjan): *

Influence (Adorjani demons): **

Resources: **

Manse: ****


The Blades of the Silent Storm: Tainted Orichalcum Mist Razor Short Daiklaves: ***

Speed 4; Accuracy +4 (+5 with MM bonus); Damage +4L; Defense +1 (+2 with MM bonus); Rate 4 (5 with MM bonus); Min Str *

These short daiklaves are made primarily of verdigrised brass, blending obscenely into tomescu carapace at the edges – as much as edges can be discerned, because the nearer the blades come to their edges the more they sublimate into a greyish-gold mist. They are also inlaid with tainted orichalcum, depicting a river that swirls around the hearthstone socket in each daiklave. These artifacts cost six motes to attune.

Advantages Edit

Convictions Compassion Temperance Valor
3 2 1 3

Temporary Permanent
7 7

Essence: 4
Temporary Permanent
Personal 19 19
Peripheral 28(23 committed) 43

Health Levels
Bruised -0 O
Hurt -1 O O
Wounded -2 O O
Crippled -4 O
Incapacitated O

Charms Edit

Name Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Wind-Born Stride x4 Permanent none Infernals, p138 dashing has DV -0; no roll to cross treacherous terrain; essence+dexterity for calculating dash speed, no wound penalties
Unimpeded Perfection of Exertion Permanent none Infernals, p143 maintains balance and no weight on solid objects while dashing, adds difficulty of lower of (dex/athletics) to tracking attempts, temporary +3 stealth specialty to move silently
Gravity-Rebuking Grace Permanent none Infernals, p144 can run on walls and ceilings while dashing
Unbound Freedom Infiltration Instant 1 ahl Ink Monkeys v7 go through walls fuck yes
Who Strikes the Wind? Reflexive (Step 2) 3m Infernals, p139 perfect dodge
Death-Dealing Journey Reflexive 3m Infernals, p139 dashing becomes reflexive as though taking move action
Kalmanka's Grace Permanent none Infernals, p139 Who Strikes the Wind? against a ranged attack takes one less mote if the exalt is moving toward the attacker; one less if an extra is attacking; at essence 4+ one less against mortals or natural animals
Joy in Violence Approach Supplemental 1m per success Infernals, p139 adds one success per mote to Join Battle up to (lower of dex or wits) + levels of Wind-Born Stride; one willpower first time used in a scene or two if used in social combat only if she starts the fight
Threat-Monitoring Excitement Reflexive (step 2) 1m Infernals, p141 allows perfect detection of any potential threat in range of her senses
Self as Cyclone Stance Extra Action 4m, 1wp Infernals, p140 magical flurry not limited to fixed number of actions with cumulative -1 penalty after first action, rate limits apply, DV penalty is greatest among component actions
Running To Forever Permanent None Infernals, p142 continuous dashing alleviates fatigue, at essence 4+ counts for regaining essence, at 5+ counts as sleep and ruins actual sleep; no fatigue while dashing and gets rid of fatigue penalties while dashing
First Adorjan Excellency: Essence Overwhelming Reflexive (Step 1 for attacker, 2 for defender) 1m per die Infernals, p104 consult the freaking book
Adorjan Mythos Exultant Permanent none Infernals, p107 upon successful stunt, one target within (essence) yards takes stunt rating die of damage from winds
Sacred Kamilla's Inhalation Reflexive 1m per corpse Infernals, p144 Corpse Vacuum cleaner for motes.
Dread Panoply of the Silent Wind. Simple 10m 1wp Infernals, p145 keep your stuff hidden!
Loom-Snarling Deception Simple 0-8m Infernals, p149 take on a different shape and destiny w/same body plan
Eldritch Secrets Mastery Permanent none Infernals, p149 allows the infernal's magical traits to appear however she wants
Martial Arts Type Cost Book and Page Number Summary
Flame-Flicker Stance Reflexive (step 2) varies Dragon-Blooded p206 one mote = +1 each DV
Searing Fist Attack Supplemental 3m Dragon-Blooded p206 on successful attack, -1 to all actions for rest of scene
Perfect Blazing Blow Supplemental 3m Dragon-Blooded p206 perfect attack on a DV less than essence
Fire Dragon Form Simple (Speed 4) 5m Dragon-Blooded p206 dodge DV increased by half of MA score, bashing attacks do lethal damage


Charms Effect
First Adorjan Excellency, Self as Cyclone Stance, Who Strikes the Wind?, Searing Fist Attack activates perfect dodge, adds motes spent to attack pool, flurry with -1 cumulative penalty after first attack, and -1 penalty to everything per hit for the rest of the scene

Combat Information Edit

Type Bashing Lethal Fatigue Mobility Penalty
Adamant Bone lacing 5 9 0 0
Peronelle 12 6 0 0
Uber superheavy plate 12 12 1 0

Bashing Lethal Aggravated Hardness
20 16 9 2

Physical DV
Dodge Parry
6 7

Social DV
Dodge Parry
8 2

Horizontal Jump Vertical Jump Move Dash Flight Ascend Dive Swim
20 10 5 27 54 27 270 5

Lift: 1200 lbs

Join Battle: 7

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Rate PV Book & Page Number
Punch 5 0 0B 3 2 Exalted 2e 370
Kick 5 0 3B 2 -2 Exalted 2e 370
Clench 6 0 0 1 0 Exalted 2e 370
Daiklaves 5 +4/+5 +4L 3 5 none
kimbery blades 5 +5 +9L 3 2 none

Backstory Edit

Lightning was once a smith in the beautiful, prosperous city of Thorns, whiling away her days in the pursuit of skillfully crafting weapons, but she always yearned for the chance to use them in battle. Her chance came when the Mask of Winters invaded the city – she stood at the entrance to her street, homemade weapons in hand, fighting off hordes upon hordes of zombies. Corpses fell about her feet, but eventually she was overwhelmed, and lay under a pile of rotting flesh as the inexorable army advanced, pounding down her friends’ doors and dragging them away, screaming… as she lay there, a whisper touched her ears, offering her power, riches, revenge.

Physical Description Edit


Lightning has recently gained a face, through Sabine and Danizelle's skillful control of mutation. Her features are more beautiful that before, enough to warrant a passer-by looking twice. All three of her eyes are bright, Malfean green, with vertical pupils, and her long, wild, and unruly hair is a flaming red. When she opens her mouth, her white, even, sharp teeth are visible, along with her quickly-flickering forked tongue. Her legs are digitigrade, and she has large, shiny hooves instead of feet. The gloves of her outfit have also been removed to make way for large, scything talons that glisten with poison. Little else of her body can be seen; she wears a tight modified fencing suit that covers her from neck to toe without actually revealing much of the shape of her body. The suit has a hood, though now with her masses of hair it's difficult to wear pulled up. She also occasionally wears a mask to hide her face - the mask is made of porcelain, with only holes for her eyes, and there are engravings of bolts of lightning going up the sides and meeting at the chin.

She moves with a disturbing, almost feral grace that draws the eye. Each limb seems to have a mind of its own, but moves in tandem with the others, twisting elegantly around any obstacle.


After doing battle in Kashta's arena and then... coupling with her, Lightning was transformed considerably. Later transformation by the hideously untrustworthy Danizelle have furthered her monstrosity. She now has the following mutations:

Enchanting features (4 pt. Merit) Lightning is preternaturally Alluring. She gains a four die bonus socially against persons who would be attracted to her normally. She suffers no penalties otherwise. Lightning's MDV adjustment due to her appearance when she uses social attack can reach 6. Lightning never suffers any MDV penalties due to someone having a higher appearance than her.

Talons (2e Lunars 208): All of Lightning's fingers and toes are tipped with retractable, sharp claws, letting her do lethal damage with unarmed Martial Arts attacks.

Serpent's Tongue (Lunars 207) Lightning has the forked tongue of a Serpent, which she can use to taste the air, allowing her to ignore the -2 penalty for fighting invisible opponents.

Toxin (2e p289): Lightning's talons seem to drip a greenish ffluid that causes enemies slashed by her claws to become poisoned. Poison stats are 5L/Action, 2, -/-, -2

Third Eye (Lunars p207): Lightning has a third eye above her other two "eyes." This third eye is, however, an actual eye, with a Ligier-green iris. It adds +1 to all Awareness rolls.

Impossible Joints (Wyld p146): Lightning's limbs bend in ways they are absolutely not supposed to. Her prodigious flexibility adds two dice to all appropriate Stealth and Athletics rolls.

Great Hooves (Lunars p 207): Lightning's now got digitigrade legs with hooves. Her kick attacks do lethal damage, and her damage is at +2

Multiple Arms (2e p290): Lightning has an extra set of arms, just under her first. She may flurry with them, and when she splits her dice pool, she may compute penalties and then reduce each pool by one die.

Wings (2e p290): Lightning does not have wings, as such, but instead she is lifted by a corona of essence taking the form of wind and shadows. She can fly at twice her running speed, ascend at her running speed, and can dive at 10 times her running speed.

Chameleon (2e p289): Lightning can change the color and pattern of her skin. This stealthy adaptation adds one die to Survival rolls and two to Stealth rolls involving sight.

Entrancing (house rule): Lightning's beauty has been supernaturally enhanced, adding 1 to charisma and appearnace and adding 1/3rd of her charisma to her effective appearance for purposes of determining MDV penalties.

Fragile (Wyld p148): Lightning was apparently immensely exhausted by her tryst with Kashta. She now takes half of all bashing damage as lethal damage due to the weakness of her body.

Lightning also was given the mutation Omnidexterity by Sabine. She no longer takes penalties for offhand weapons.

Experience Edit

Reason Change Current Total
The beginning. +5 5 5
Cart fite. +6 11 11
HEADCHOP. +6 17 17
Joy in Violence Approach and Threat-Monitoring Excitement. -16 1 17
Warstriders and Abyssals. +5 6 22
Interrogation. +4 10 26
EXPOSITION. +6 16 32
Self as Cyclone Stance and Flame-Flicker Stance. -16 0 32
Fightin' Abyssals. +10 10 42
Perfect Blazing Blow. -8 2 42
Arguing with Ceylin. +3 5 45
More arguing with more people. +4 9 49
Mortal kombat. +5 14 54
Running to Forever. -8 6 54
Deals with agatae. +5 11 59
ADVENTURE. +6 17 65
Omnidextrous. -2 15 65
First combo. -8 7 65
Ma-Ha-Suchi. +5 15 73
Haxing Denandsor. +10 25 83
King death. +5 30 88
Session 10 +5 35 93
Session 11 +5 40 98
Essence 4

First Adorjan Excellency

-32 8 98
Unicow. +6 14 104
Silent Footsteps. +5 19 109
Session 14 +5 24 114
Cutting up demons. +5 29 114
Lore 1, Dexterity 5. -19 10 119
Session 16 +6 16 120
Strength 5 -16 0 120
Oramus rape. +6 6 126
Screw Juggernaut. +5 11 131
Fire Dragon Form. -8 3 131
Kimbery. +3 16 144
Session 21 +5 21 149
Session 23 +5 26 154
Session 24 +5 31 159
Session 25 +5 44 164
Athletics 5,

Integrity 5, Occult 5, Stamina 4

-41 3 164
Session 26 +10 13 174
Session 27 +5 18 179
Wind born stride x2 -16 2 179
Session 28 +5 7 184
Session 29 +5 12 189
Session 30 +5 17 194
Session 31 +3 20 197
Session 32 +3 23 200
Session 33 +4 27 204
Unimpeded Perfection of Exertion; Gravity-Rebuking Grace; Unbound Freedom Infiltration -21 6 204
Meido. +4 10 208
Danizelle does 40 XP of mutations! -40 -30 208
missing sessson and Denursification +8 -22 216
Session 37 +4 -18 220
Session 38 +4 -14 224
Session 39 +4 -10 228
Session 40 +5 -5 233
Session 41 +4 -1 238
Session 42 +4 3 241
Session 43 +5 8 246
Session 44 +6 17 252
Session 45 +4 21 256
Session 47 +2 23 259
Session 48 +5 28 264

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