Mittels of Redistribution

When the cold winds blow, and change is in the air, one must grasp and hold on tight to the ideals of the greater good. Those ideals are knitted into the fabric of these mittens, and deliver boons to all within the party.

Redistribution of Wealth[]

If Mittens of Redistribution pass over any unwanted adventuring gear, the wearer can choose to instantly convert that item into it's fair market value. That value appears as coins and is instantly distributed evenly among the party.

Lending a Hand[]

Power is shared with the group, as caring for the needs of the many ensures the prosperity for all (see Lending a Hand Powers).

Lending a Hand Powers[]

You can only have 1 power distributed to the group at any given time.

Select one of the following properties:

  • +5 defense against cold attacks
  • +3 on Charisma checks out of combat
  • Seize the means of Production: +5 on all grapple and climbing rolls
  • Universal Healthcare: Each member gains 1 use of Healing Word
  • Advantage in offensive rolls against creatures with Chaotic Evil alignment