Nadaar is a PC in the campaign The Second Dawn

Appearance: 7 feet tall with ruddy skin and yellow eyes.

Nadarr, son of Balasar, was only a child when he was uprooted from his home following his parents’ schism with the rest of their clan. In time he grew to understand the reason, learning of Balasar’s discovery of clan Zorhah’s involvement with a cruel, secretive society devoted to the goddess Tiamat. Rejecting what he viewed as an affront to the Dragonborn’s guiding principles of honor and justice, Balasar had turned his back on them, spending the following years in a futile attempt to warn the fractured Dragonborn clans of Zorhah’s secret. He eventually paid the price for his opposition, and Nadarr lost his parents and his home in a brutal attack by his own clan, fleeing with his sister and closest companion, Nala. But the followers of Tiamat were not satisfied, and in the chaos of a frenzied pursuit, Nadarr watched helplessly as his sister was taken captive, barely escaping himself. For a time he sought her without direction and without hope, driven only by rage. By chance, he was found by the renowned Dragonborn warrior Abraxus, now living a wandering life as a recluse. The aged champion took Nadarr under his tutelage, teaching him not only the ways of combat, but also the virtues of a true Dragonborn warrior. Armed with new skills and new resolve, Nadarr has vowed that he will find and rescue Nala, or else make those responsible for her loss pay the ultimate price.

Nadarr is fierce in his resolve and overpowering in his demeanor. He has little use for pleasantries or pretense, and less for bureaucratic rules. While he considers Dragonborn to be superior to the other races of the world, he nevertheless believes strongly in the responsibility of the strong to champion the weak. The burden of his personal quest, however, leads him toward selfish rationalizations more often than he admits to himself.

Party Connections[]

Nadarr is a stranger to the other party members. He has joined for a stake in the group’s profit and for the chance of exploring the world’s more dangerous locations for signs of the followers of Tiamat.