Nerisora is a PC in the campaign The Second Dawn.

Appearance: An athletic woman with black/purple hair and gray-blue skin.

Nerisora had always been set apart from other Drow by a vague unease at the violent and cruel ways of her people – a state likely influenced by a mother whose disposition differed from the norm. Grim and purposeful in contrast to a race often wild and decadent, Vesril Tal taught her daughter to attain higher than petty conflicts and self-gratification. Throughout her childhood Nerisora accompanied her mother on expeditions that took them far from their subterranean home – far enough for her own curiosity to lead her on secret excursions to the surface world when left to herself. There, she encountered and befriended young humans whose gentle nature furthered her misgivings about her own kind. Her life changed forever when, as a young woman, she spied on a secret ritual, watching in horror as Vesril participated in the torture and sacrifice of a captive human as an offering to the goddess Lolth. Her faith in a mother she thought she understood was shattered, and her rejection of the Drow’s depravity complete. She fled, barely surviving the long journey from the Underdark to the surface, and by luck she was found by a wandering human thief, Cordan Olbreck. Taking pity on her, he taught her all the skills of combat, stealth and cunning she needed to survive, until one day he was simply gone. Now Nerisora wanders alone, ever fearful of being found by the Drow she left behind, and wondering if it is within her to become better than her heritage.

Nerisora is cunning and resourceful. She interacts with others in an animated and informal manner, often peppered with sarcasm. She is quick to rush into a fight and easily frustrated by failure. Having only ever known the oppressive society of the Drow, she places little value on rules or authority figures.

Party Connections[]

In her travels, Nerisora eventually formed an acquaintance with Edan, and the two have now been traveling and working together for a period of months, helping small communities with their unique skills. As two wanderers – both looking for their place, neither fitting into society’s mold – they have formed an easy friendship. Nerisora’s keen observation has not missed the fact that Edan does not study and prepare spells the way a wizard would, or that in unguarded moments he seems to converse with an unseen entity. She finds it highly likely that he is a warlock, though when she will speak of this openly is up to her. As for herself, Nerisora has confided in Edan that she is on the run from her own people.