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Outbound 23 - An Alien Campaign in the Independent Colonies

The ICSC Compound Delta is the last functional independent mining and trading colony on Outbound 23, a moon on the fringes of the colonized galaxy. In former days, it was a priority station of Conglomerate Amalgamated, a business focused on finding and exploiting rare minerals and crystals. After economic turbulances all compounds on Outbound 23 were sold out or closed down. After some time only Compound Delta remained behind and became independent.

Life on Outbound 23 is hard, dangerous and straightforward. The operating CEO has to constantly ponder the question with which companies to cooperate and how to attract more trade into this derelict backwater. Workers come and go, some under contract by companies, others working for thereselves. Mining shift periods last from a year to multiple years. Production value varies but are mostly mediocre.

Because of its reclusive location, Outbound 23 silently also draws interest for shady parties and not-so-legal dealings. The Marshall Office has Outbound 23 on a constant watch but only dedicates one Marshall at a time, with a well paid five year standard contract and a bonus clause for potential danger assignments.

Series 01 Once upon a Colony

Episode 01 Red Haze: After a rising number of accidents, Colony Management becames aware of an illegally distributed combat drug. A crime syndicate seems to circulate it among workers and while it greatly enhances their performance, some workers also exhibit psychotic episodes of ultraviolence and unchecked frenzy. The Marshall has to investigate the distribution channels and to intervene before more workers get in touch with the drug.

Episode 02 Visitation: A crime boss is rumoured to visit Outbound 23 after his contacts in the station have gone silent. It looks like retribution and rebuilding of a business but more seems to go on behind the scenes.

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