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This wiki will be offering you insights about different pen-and-paper (PnP) role-playing games (RPGs) in different languages. It's time to explore and learn more about RPGs. Come and get help from an admin so you can learn so much more about Roleplaying Games with people instead of computers.


What we're about...

This wiki is all about pen-and-paper-based RPGs. If you are looking for a place where you can publish and manage your campaigns, roleplaying aids and other RPG material, you have found your new home here. Welcome to the RPG Wikia! This is a wiki for pen-and-paper role-playing enthusiasts and gamemasters. It features background information, locations, characters and plotlines for several different game settings.

What we're not about...

  • If you are looking for general information about specific roleplaying systems, you may want to search Wikia for dedicated wikis. We are not for one specific RPG system — we're free for all.
  • If you want to start wiki-based roleplaying worlds and campaigns (that means, not only store info but dynamically play and design new rpgs on a wiki and in wiki format), you may want to use the Roleplaying Adventures wiki.
  • We're not a wiki of lists and will not become one. Especially we're not a place for linkdumps. If you feel you've made a list that's interesting enough for other pen&paper RPG-players, you're welcome to make that a blog entry in your userspace here.

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Where to start

Univers 64pxCampaigns, Game Settings & Game Worlds

Dreamknight on Gwynddor.

Current Campaigns - Edited Recently

  • Myra (5e/ Homebrew world: Myra |english and german) is a fantasy world which serves as background for D20-based (5e-style) role-playing adventures - not just for Dreamknights - as well as for stories. Since complete modules and roleplaying stats do not really fit on http://myra.wikia.com which is more of a world description, they could and should be posted here on RPG Wikia by contributers.
  • Kay Eriya (Ars Magica/ Free Setting | german) - medieval fantasy continent with loads of politics, intrigue, religious quarrels and magic battles.

Medieval, Fantasy, Steampunk

  • Ark of Boccob is a homebrew medieval campaign world for Dungeons and Dragons 3.0, using the core rulebooks, plus other resources like Frostburn, Stormwrack, Sandstorm, and Oriental Adventures.
  • Arx Antra Furva (Mythic Europe / medieval setting | german) stories of an Ars Magica covenant just north of Kirchberg am Wagram in the 12th & 13th centuries AD.
  • Bandits of the Golden Gates (Pathfinder | english) We make our own way in this world. We are the Finders of Paths.
  • Circle of Mastery (Vampire: Dark Ages | english) - This is the story about the city of Mastery and its supernatural inhabitants. A story of Blood. A Story of Deceipt. A Story of Death Undying.
  • Chronicles of Emergalv (Free Setting | english) - medieval/fantasy campaign setting designed to be a collection of cultural and geographic essays independant of any roleplaying system
  • Davnia (Fantasy | portuguese) The four elemental Elions, creators of mankind, sleep imprisoned by Davnia who descended from the night to end their tyrannical existence, but their progeny still walks the world, and the races they created are proving themselves to be up to the task of surpassing their wickedness... A Fantasy world made for play in GURPS.
  • Deadlands:Wyrmholes in the West (Deadlands Classic | english) What's pulling things from the past to the modern day of 1876?  A campaign being run in the classic Deadlands system with some house rules.  (not the Savage Worlds version).
  • Finders Keepers (D&D 4E|English) - A semi-round robin RPG set in Eberron.
  • Forge of Heroes (Exalted 2nd Edition| English) - (Details to come later)
  • Íris (GURPS based| portuguese) - A setting of elemental magic and bloody battles, where a mysterious order of priests claims that all things have consciousness, and draw tremendous power from that.
  • Kampagne der zwei Welten (Midgard | german)
  • Kay Eriya (Ars Magica/ Free Setting | german) - medieval fantasy continent with loads of politics, intrigue, religious quarrels and magic battles.
  • Kartazia (GURPS, Steampunk | english) - a steampunk world for the GURPS system with an earth-like history.
  • Kingdom of Thiefs (Warhammer Fantasy 3rd| english) - Defiant scoundrels to the last, the honorable Family di Mordio makes its bid for power in a world of intrigue, chaos and conspiracy.
  • Layflat Castle Falkenstein (Castle Falkenstein | english) - Runaway Magick, Mad Scientists, Faerie Conspiracies, Dark Steam Lords, and Far Too Many Capital Letters? All in a day's work for the motley crew of adventurers in the Layflat Castle Falkenstein Campaign.
  • Layflat Earthdawn (Earthdawn | english) - Kickin' it old school in the Fourth World.
  • Myra (D20: Myra |english and german) is a fantasy world which serves as background for D20-based (DnD-style) role-playing adventures as well as for stories. Since complete modules and roleplaying stats do not really fit on http://myra.wikia.com which is more of a world description, they could and should be posted here on RPG Wikia by contributers.
  • Nomus (Fate Core | English or Portuguese) A dark-fantasy world for Fate-Core with its particular rules for magic, vampires, werewolves, and original species.
  • Oak, Brass, Steel (Warhammer Fantasy 3rd| german) - A tale about three youngsters, oathbound to their village and spellbound by adventure. Let the brass flow and the steel sing.
  • Prince of Persia: Against the Corruption (Fantasy| english) After his last encounter with Ahriman and the Corrupted, The Prince's beloved, Elika, has been captured by Ahriman. Fueled with vengeance and aided by new allies, The Prince must trek the lands in search of Elika and fight the darkness before the world is taken over by the Dark God's iron fist.
  • Ramblath (D&D Pathfinder | english) Not all wars are created equal.
  • The Seven Swords of Wayland (D&D 4e | english) - A small town alone in the wilderness discovers a cult of Orcus within it's walls. A small band of heroes rises up to protect the town from this threat and stop the cult from collecting the legendary Seven Swords of Wayland and using them to kill the Raven Queen and promote Orcus to a god.
  • Sunlight on the Water (Exalted |english) - High fantasy campaign with over-the-top action and mythic power levels, using White Wolf's Exalted system
  • Supreme! (Fate Accelerated (Gods and Monsters) |english) - Life, Death, Tragedy and Magnificence among the Gods of Gholam. This is the written history from the early beginnings of civilization when Supreme Beings came among mankind and made them a part of the grand tapestry of fate.
  • Syranian Age (Eberron D&D 4e | english) - Fourteen years after the Last War, the skies are full of airships. One crew stole an experimental airship, and now they try to make a little cash by flying the unfriendly skies.
  • The Second Dawn (D&D 4e | english)
  • The Seven Stooges (Midgard | english/german)
  • The Statuette of Strife (White Wolf: Dark Ages Mage, Mage, Technocracy | deutsch) - Der Jahrhunderte lange Streit zwischen einem greifen und einem Drachen.
  • Vahkaran's Realm (Fantasy |English (Hong Kong S.A.R.)) - Three Princes rule a respective realm - of elements, of beasts, and of mortals - but a thousand years ago, the Prince of Beasts fell into disappearance. Ever since then, the mortal and elemental realm are always on the brink of war with each other. Now, heroes from all over must band together in order to stop one of the greatest wars in history. But with this war, comes a chance to obtain great power, power perhaps great enough to overthrow the Princes themselves, a magnet to ones with wicked hearts.
  • The Faerie Peace Accords (Deliria ``| english``) - Development and info page for a Deliria LARP event which will be run at the 2012 Origins Game Fair.

Future, Science Fiction, Cyberpunk

  • Core, The (Sci-Fi | english) - For centuries, empires all over The Great Galaxy have struggled to reach The Core, the center of The Great Galaxy, where legends tell of the source of ultimate power that lies in The Core. Who will be the one to obtain ultimate power?
  • Cybernum RPG - World of dark future (Free Setting | polish) - project of free, online cyberpunkish game
  • Coven Of Light (Deathwatch: Warhammer 40k RPG | english) - Part of the Deathwatch in the Jericho Reach stationed on the Watchfortress of Ericho the Coven Of Light tells the story of a band of Battle-Brothers united by fate. As their story unfolds their missions entangle with the machinations of illustrious Inquisition of the Calixis Sector.
  • Coven Of The Foreboding Flame (Deathwatch: Warhammer 40k RPG | english) - A signal was given that must be followed. And a voice unheard since the long watch was ordered sacrosanct echoes in the holy edifice.
  • Deeper Minds (Fate Core / Nova Praxis, german) Cyberpunk in Space. Transhumanist post-cataclysmic setting where the remains of humanity have abandoned Earth and live among the stars in a world of total surveillance beyond scarcity.
  • Denali Commonwealth (Honorverse | english) - The Denali Commonwealth, created in mid-2005, is a non-canon star country in the Honorverse continuity, set 2015 years into the future as of Shadow of Saganami.
  • Empty Battlefield, The (Savage Worlds | english) - The Order of True Life, a galaxy-spanning power, has recently destroyed civilization on Earth. A group of misfits leaves the blasted planet to find a new life as (dubious) acolytes of the Order.
  • For_Elysia (Only War: Warhammer 40k RPG |english) - Elysian Droptroops securing a vital planet for the Imperium of Man. It is the 39th century and the fog of war is sinking over a once proud system. These are perilous times, and mankind will remember the lessons there are to be learned there and then.
  • Gallowglass (Dark Heresy: Warhammer 40k RPG |english) - In the shadow of Inquisitor Gallowglass and in the name of the Emperor there walk his agents. Wherever they go, they are to find the mutant, the heretic, the xenos and contradict their evil.
  • Layflat Shadowrun (SR5 | english) - Another Shadowrun Campaign, started in September 2007 by the Layflat Shadowrun group.
  • Layflat SG-1 (One Roll Engine | english) - The adventures of another SG team, set in the Stargate SG-1 universe.
  • New Horizon, A (Sci-Fi | german) - War is over but the federation faces a new threat. But Star Law will do it's best to keep the galaxy secure.
  • Outbound 23 (Alien RPG | english) - Mining Station Outbound 23 is an old compound which in former times was operated by Conglomerates Amalgameted and now - after being given up - houses free lancers, hard workers and mining communities under the protection of the ICSC (Independent Core System Colonies). Life is harsh and freedom costly. A CEO, a Marshal and a handful of professionals from all over the galaxy are trying to maintain order and justice.
  • Reydovan Empire (Star Trek | english) - monarchist government in the Star Trek universe with a rich history and various roleplaying storylines
  • Ruinous Compact (Black Crusade: Warhammer 40k RPG | english) - They started as prophesied bringers of ruin and became a compact of power and damnation. Earth shall tremble whereever their feet touch the ground.
  • Run Hard, Die Fast (SR 3.0 | english) - Seattle seeing and dying. A Shadowrun campaign starting in the year 2050.
  • Star Trek: New Worlds (Star Trek | english) - It is the year 2386 and the Federation is at peace with its neighbor, the Romulan Empire. The Klingons are starting to make themselves known once more as are other governments in the galaxy.
  • Star Trek: This Mortal Coil (Star Trek | english) - These are the voyages of the starship Tesla near the galactic frontier.
  • Star Wars: Dark Times (Star Wars | english) - The dark times are here. Order 66 destroyed the Jedi Order and dispersed its survivors. With the droid armies shut down, the Separatist resistance fighters are no longer a match for Palpatine’s clone army.
  • Star Wars: Dawn of the Death Watch (Star Wars | english) - Jedi are tasked with investigating mysterious violence spreading throughout the galaxy.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the New Republic - It is the 23rd year after the Battle of Endor. The ressurected Emperor in charge of the Shadow Academy has invaded the Jedi Temple, and Luke Skywalker has been forced to call upon his Jedi and the older students to defend their home. Leia Organa is in her last year as the Chief of State of the New Republic; who will succeed her is anybody's guess. And then the poodoo will really hit the ion engine. Ever wanted to be a Jedi, learning the ways of the Force from the likes of Luke Skywalker and Kyle Katarn? Here's where you should be.
  • The Story of the 49th Section (Dark Heresy: Warhammer 40k RPG |german/english) - On a mission for The Emperor, for the bureaucracy of The Imperium of Man and for sheer personal horror and survival
  • Tales from the Hard Side ReLoaded (SR 4.0 | english) - dangerous, fast-paced action with cyberpunks, magic bolts and corporate intrigue
  • Tales from the Hard Side UpGraded (Genesys Android| english) - Hard-SciFi-Corporate Action in New Angeles

Modern, Contemporary, Fiction, Modern Horror

  • Bittermandel (PbtA | german) - Wieder einmal passiert einiges in Kirchberg...
  • Blackhound (Modern Horror | english) It's been close to thirty years since I've last written in this journal. This may be the last time I ever write in them. If you're reading this now, then you are in danger. They came for me. And now that you're reading this, they'll know, and they'll come for you. My name is Richard Lansing, and everything that you know is wrong ...
  • Bureau 13 (WoD 1.5 | german) - Bureau 13 is a special task force of the supernatural society of Chicago. The main field of operation is the identification and the possible trouble-shooting of problems to the supernatural side of the city.
  • Crisis Team 7 (WoD 1.5 | english) - adventures in the Technocratic Union about monitoring humanity and hunting reality deviants
  • End of Days (WoD 1.5 | english) - End of Days is a campaign set in the Final Nights of the World of Darkness. Although based in Chicago, the characters and adventures span the world.
  • F.O.R.C.E.S. (Modern Horror | english) The F.O.R.C.E.S. (First Operational Rescue Combat Evasive Squad) is a team of operatives in the town of Rocksford. Ever since the time of November 2003, Rockford has been facing a killer in the midst. Their goal: Find the killer and silence him, but it won't be so easy when the evidence say he isn't human...
  • Kirchberg am Wagram (modern horror | german) - A setting in modern Austria, in the World of Darkness System. There's ghost stories: Manchmal kommen sie wieder, Vampire Stories: Brennen muss Kirchberg am Wagram, and stories of plain rural weirdness and investigation: Büro Brauner. Connected by characters and events to the Mythic Europe / medieval setting of Kirchberg am Wagram in the 12th & 13th centuries AD in Ars Magica: Arx Antra Furva
    • Büro Brauner (Fate Core | german) - In its recent analysis German insurance specialist Büro Brauner GmbH has detected great opportunity and demand for insurance products in Kirchberg am Wagram, a little town near Vienna (Austria). Because of unbelievably promising figures in productivity provided by Brauner Sales Division, it has now been concluded to open up business in this nice and quite area. Be prepared for Austrian charm and bloody Apfelstrudel.
  • Supernatural: Bad Company (Modern Horror| english) Bad Company is a campaign of a group of hunters, traveling across the U.S. to find and eliminate supernatural threats. This is a Supernatural RPG based on the Cortex system.


  • Cape Opera (Mutants & Masterminds | english) - Strange adventures in a four-color world.
  • Layflat Wild Talents (One Roll Engine (Wild Talents, Godlike) | english) - World War II Supers. Godlike setting, Wild Talents rules.

Comedy, Toon, Fun & Furry

  • Hoveljammed (Homestuck | english) - A group of 6 young trolls from Alternia start SGRUB.
  • Roachia (Free Setting | english) - Roachia is a city that encompasses most of the main continent, called Roachia, on the planet Roachia.
Resources 64pxGame-Systems & Rules

Systems, Rules

  • Fate Core [[1]] ("english") - Very dynamic, free-to-use roleplaying system with emphasis on creative troupe play. Lively community and lots of backgrounds to use.
  • Projekt Odyssee [[2]] (german) - German initiative for free roleplaying games with huge index of free-of-charge rpg's and resources
  • Weltenbau/Open Directory Community [[3]] (german) - huge, german index of free roleplaying systems
  • Nameless Kingdom Tabletop Gaming [[4]] Company dedicated to the free distribution of it's tabletop games.
  • World's Edge - Realist Fantasy Indie RPG - Independent system where combat is quick & gritty, and magic is dangerous to attempt. Settings range from traditional low-fantasy to Icelandic Sagas (viking campaigning).
  • Wikia RPG, a compilation of everything on the wiki into a simple RPG game.

Game Resources, House Rules, Character Sheets

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Fate Core
  • Ars Magica:
    • Ars Bellorum (english) - Rules for martial arts and secret societies in Ars Magica.
    • Ars Psichae (english) - Rules for paranormal and psychic powers in Ars Magica.
    • Ars Vampirica (english) - A set of rules for vampires in an Ars Magica setting.
    • Legendary Smithing (english) - Rules which allow for the creation of legendary weapons and armor of unbeatable quality at the hands of master smiths.
    • Warping 101 (english) - Rules for allowing mages to deal with Warping differently.
    • Finding sources of Vis (english) - Rules for mages looking for new sources of Vis in Mythic Europe.
  • GURPS:
    • New Spells for GURPS Magic (english) - A new list of spells for GURPS Magic to pump-up any spellcaster.
    • Magic as Powers (english) - An alternate magic system based on GURPS Powers.
    • GURPS - Ars Magica (english) - A port from Ars Magica 5th Edition to GURPS 4th Edition.
    • Natural Magic (english) - An alternate magical system for GURPS, an option to using GURPS Magic that implements weaker, more subtle magic.
    • Nano Magic (english) - An alternative "magic" system where "mages" control programmable nanobots and perform various effects with them.
    • GURPS Hacking (english) - Rules for making computer hacking more interesting than just rolling one skill and "doing it".
    • Rules for Naval combat in GURPS (english) - For battle against vessels in late-medieval settings.
    • Legendary Smithing (english) - Rules for the creation of legendary weapons and armor of unbeatable quality at the hands of master smiths.
    • GURPS Magi Nation Fantasy Bestiary (english) - A fantasy bestiary for GURPS using the creatures from the Magi Nation CCG.
    • GURPS Vampires (english) - An alternate rule for playing with vampires in GURPS, aimed at fantasy settings.
    • GURPS Star Wars (english) - A house-made system for playing the Star Wars genre in GURPS. Includes rules for force users, lightsaber tuning, starship combat, Jedi fighting style, cybernetic implants and genetic modifications.
  • Star Wars, Saga Edition: