Hello, welcome and good editing to everyone!

RPG is a Wikia for role-playing gamers. Game Settings, Characters, Story Ideas and Information about Game Systems are all welcome.

There are currently two detailed projects in German, some active settings and some stubs in English, one developing setting and some stubs in French and one project in polish. Everyone is welcome to start their own project on RPG, or to contribute to existing ones. Contributors are required to categorize their project's pages.

How to start[]

If you begin editing here:

  • Start with your user page, and write a few lines about yourself.
  • Go to the Main Page and write a few lines about your project. (We may change this policy in the future, if and when we get so many projects that it's easier to use another index page to reference the projects and use the Main Page just for welcoming new users.)
  • Go to the Forum for discussions ampng all contributors to the wiki. We'll probably be using this new feature instead of the talk pages as a discussion medium before long.
  • Create a Category for your project and use it to label all your project's pages. This rule is mandatory. 
  • Now you're ready for the first pages of your project!

It's probably best to first create a central page for your project, where people can read what it's all about and have some links from there to the most important other pages of the project. You can go on from there and build your project, and of course you can also contribute to the other projects on the wiki and participate in general discussion and the building of tools and templates for everyone to use.

What RPG Wikia is[]

  • A free resource and place to collaborate to create RPG backgrounds, settings, characters, plots, and fiction about in-game characters.

What RPG Wikia isn't[]

  • RPG Wikia isn't for Computer RPGs. There are dedicated Wikias for Computer RPGs. This isn't one. It's for so-called pen-and-paper RPGs. Pages on themes that belong in other existing Wikia will be deleted here or the author(s) will be asked to move them over, as appropriate.
  • RPG Wikia isn't the place to post your fiction and get feedback. There are other Wikias for just that purpose.
  • RPG Wikia isn't the place for all plans and no action. Pages that are all headlines and no content will be deleted after a while.
  • RPG Wikia isn't the place for copyright infringement. You can't steal other people's work and put it online here. Everything you contribute is published under the Creative Commons License. If we are alerted to stuff that is uploaded or copied to RPG Wikia without the creator's consent, we'll delete it.


Most or all of the information on this wiki is entirely fictional, pertaining to roleplaying games and their fictional settings and characters. Reader discretion is advised.