The Seven Swords of Wayland is a 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons game run by BlanchPrez. This Wiki is designed to be a repository of all the campaign information, including setting details, the PC's and NPC's important to the campaign, and a description of events that have happened so far.


A bright ray of light in a dark world is about to collapse from within…

The town of Westhill was once a prosperous trade town, the shining jewel of the Waverly Downs. Then, the empire of Nerath collapsed, and Westhill found itself alone in the wilderness. The darkness came quickly, and the town gathered those that didn’t flee within its protective walls. It survived the lack of trade, fought off the encroaching monsters and even defeated a horde of orcs bent on its total destruction. It became a shining beacon of light in a new world of darkness.

And now, after years of relative peace, the darkness is creeping in again. Only this time, it comes from within. A dark cult of demon worshipers lies in the town, plotting its destruction. Undead are on the rise in the wilderness. And the many tribes of goblins and orcs are once again getting restless.

But life in the town continues, and the townsfolk gather now for one of their most sacred rituals, the Ravendnace, when priests of the Raven Queen help those who have lost someone celebrate their lives with feasting, storytelling and a horde of ravens released with messages for those now living in the Raven Queen’s palace. Little do the townsfolk know that Westhill lies on a precipice, and that the slightest shift will push it into the darkness once and for all. Unless heroes can rise up and prevent it…

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