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Star Trek:New Worlds is a RPG that is, obviously, Star Trek based.

It has an extensive site that is growing daily. Not only does the game draw from Star Trek, but it has been influenced by over 100 other sources from TV to movies to books, to other RPGs to comics to the imagination of the Players.

The game has its own Forum as well. Anyone interested in joining the game is encouraged to join the Forum so you can begin playing.

The year is 2386 and the Galaxy has almost completed the process of rebuilding from the aftermath of the Dominion War. The United Federation of Planets and it's Starfleet are once again reaching out into the galaxy in the spirit of exploration.

The Romulan Star Empire has begun to look at itself in a new light and finds that it must find its place in the new age. The Klingon Empire has gone through bloodshed as it tries to reassert itself. Martok is murdered, Ambassador Ku'Toxx is in self-imposed exile and a new Chancellor, a Female Warrior, has assumed control of the Empire.

The Cardassion Union is starting to hold its own once more and the Mysterious Gorn have strengthened their territory while the even more mysterious Breen have become active on the fringes once more.

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