The dark times are here. Order 66 destroyed the Jedi Order and dispersed its survivors. With the droid armies shut down, the Separatist resistance fighters are no longer a match for Palpatine’s clone army.

The worlds of the former Republic are drawn inexorably into the iron grip of the Galactic Empire, while other systems are adrift in a sea of chaos, lawlessness, and despair.

For billions of sentient beings across the galaxy, what they believed was a road to a better future has become an uncertain path...


Constantine Hoc - Hapan Noble

Kolton Vak - Kiffar Jedi Padawan investigator

Koyud Akiban - Human Jedi Padawan infiltrator

Prahl Sunstrider - Cathar Jedi Padawan diplomat

Soln Tosca - Human Jedi Padawan guardian



Aurra Sing - Near-human Jedi Hunter

Cathar - An ancient, socially advanced species of bipedal feline humanoids from the planet of the same name.

Dark Woman - Human female Jedi Master known for her harsh teaching methods.

General Grievous - Cyborg General

Jerik Soulsar - Jedi youngling, ready to become a Padawan learner

Kerrado the Hutt - Hutt prisoner aboard Dominion

Naiobi - Female Bothan youngling carried off by Cophrigin predator

Tikkes - Quarren, ex-Senator, member of Sepratist Council

Omoira Hoc - (deceased) Older sister of Constatine

Crew of the Mist-Stalker

Demosthenes - Navigator. Retired steward of the Na’al dynasty.

Lailani - Co-Pilot. 34th in line of succession (but exempt), Lailani was born an albino but was spared death due to her lineage.

Twitch - Gunner. Originally the page boy for Omoira during her visits to the Hapes Cluster.


Vornskr - Force-sensitive canine predator


B-23 - Protocol droid

HXZ-1 Immobilizer Droid - Imperial guard droid


Belgaroth - an unimportant planet in the Galactic Core, near the Rimma Trade Route.

Cophrigin System - Rim system containing several planets.

Cophrigin V - jungle planet, home of the Dark Woman.

Kessel - Large spice producing asteroid on the Rim side of Hutt space.

Nar Shadda - Nal Hutta's spaceport moon, known for its vertically-built cities, experienced spaceship mechanics and its lawlessness.

Taloraan - Mid-Rim gas giant.

Jedi Sanctuary - a meditation center established by the Jedi Sentinels to help rehabilitate troubled Jedi.

Tatooine - Rim planet located in the far Rim.

Mos Eisley - lergest city and main spaceport.
Mos Espa - home of the Grand Arena and Gardulla the Elder.
The Palace of Gardulla the Elder
Gardulla's Jedi Museum

The Maw - An unstable and mostly unnavigable cluster of black holes located near the planet Kessel.


Dominion - Imperial Dungeon Ship transporting prisoners between Belgaroth and unknown coordinates in the deep galactic core.

Mist Stalker - Wyvern-class patrol frigate captained by Constantine Hoc.

Soulless One - A modified Belbullab-22 starfighter used as General Grievous' personal starship.


HoloNet News

Security Feed: Mustafar Control Room


The Empire

The Declaration of a New Order


The Emperor Needs Your Service!

Jedi Order

The Jedi Code

Conclave on Kessel

Hapes Consortium

The Hapes Cluster was a grouping of several hundred stars within the area of nebulous gases known as the Transitory Mists - an impediment to hyperspace navigation which had kept the stars of the cluster isolated from the rest of the Galaxy from 3,000 years before the Clone Wars.

Session Logs[]

Session 1: Prison Break (11/9/06)

Advancement: None

Session 2: Inside the Dominion (11/15/06)

Advancement: Skill

Session 3: Rescue the Younglings (11/21/06)

Advancement: Skill

Session 4: Escape from the Dominion (12/07/06)

Advancement: Skill

Session 5: Cophrigin V (12/14/06

Advancement: Skill & Aspect

Session 6: Trials of Knighthood I (12/17/06)

Advancement: Skill

Session 7: Trials of Knighthood II (12/17/06}

Advancement: Skill

Session 8: Kessel (12/17/06)

Advancement: Skill

Session 9: Escape from Kessel (1.23.07)

Advancement: Skill, Aspect & Stunt

Session 10: Warm Welcome on Tatooine (2.1.07)

Advancement: Skill

Session 11: Krayt Hunt (2.6.07)

Advancement: None

Session 12: The Palace of Gardulla the Elder (2.22.07)

Advancement: Skill


Character Creation[]



The Force[]

Alter/Force Project
Control/Force Body
Sense/Force Mind
Force Points

Lightsaber Combat Forms[]


A Dark Desire

The Power of the Dark Side

Skills & Abilities[]


Attuned: Living Force (Force)

Attuned: Unified Force (Force)

Force Psychometry (Force)

Teräs Käsi (Melee)

The Blade is the Heart of the Jedi (Lightsaber)

The Force is My Ally (Force)

Stealing Thoughts


List of possible consequences

Player Contributions[]

David: Session summaries, Snacks & Daddy soda

Logan: Force cheat sheet, Wiki update, Daddy Soda, Soundtracks, D20 Rulebooks, session summaries

Mark: Dice

Nathaniel: Dice, Various cheatsheets and handouts

Shawn: Soundtracks, Soda



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