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Welcome to the Sunlight on the Water wiki. This is a wiki for the Sunlight on the Water campaign, an Exalted group located at the Ohio State University and run by Steve. Please check out SotW Organizational Standards for editing details.

Player Characters[]

Largo the Black Lion, a Dawn Caste played by Dean

Kailani Pele, a Zenith Caste played by Rey

Adamant Fern, a Twilight Caste played by Alexa

Hayato Takara, a Night Caste played by Kurt

Daughter of the Amber Melody, an Eclipse Caste played by Teager

Secondary PCs[]

Sejzha Like the Brook, a Changing Moon (Lunar) played by Alexa

Riptide, a Day Caste (Abyssal) played by Dean

Trunk of Withering Blossoms, a Chosen of Endings (Sidereal) played by Teager

Defunct PCs[]

Dax Stormslayer, a Night Caste played by Daryl

Twice-Blessed Raven, a Chosen of Endings (Sidereal) played by Mike


Story Timeline


Session One, The Ice Dome

In which our heroes prove themselves by breaking free of a prison which was constructed to merely contain gods.

Red Sky At Morning[]

Red Sky at Morning, Session Two, The Whale's Song

In which our heroes begin to understand their legacy, and meet a beautiful face.

Red Sky at Morning, Session Three, The Gift Horse's Maw

In which our heroes are attacked at the entrance to their former kingdom.

Red Sky at Morning, Session Four, The Gates of Heaven and the Sands of Time

In which our heroes pass through Yu-Shan and discover a ransacked tomb.

Red Sky at Morning, Session Five, The Nature of Shadow

In which our heroes slay a monster and discover a wondrous ship.

Red Sky at Morning, Session Six, The Burden of the Sun

In which our heroes make a choice and discover the choices of others.

Fury of the Butterfly's Wings[]

Butterfly's Wings, Session Seven, The Verdant Exploration

In which our heroes explore Creation seeking repairs for their airship.

Butterfly's Wings, Session Eight, The Castle of Chaos

In which our heroes befriend some bats and rescue a fair lady from a castle.

Butterfly's Wings, Session Nine, The Games of Gold and Blood

In which our heroes win a pair of manses through games of chance and might.

Butterfly's Wings, Session Ten, The Pirate Ploy

In which our heroes don layers of disguise to clear a new friend's name.

Butterfly's Wings, Session Eleven, The Battle and the Rescue

In which our heroes defeat a small army, find a sword, and get thrown to the edge of Oblivion.

Hell and High Water[]

Hell and High Water, Session Twelve, The Light in the Dark

In which our heroes set the underworld on fire starting from the deepest circle of the Neverborn.

Hell and High Water, Session Thirteen, The Unexpected Ally

In which our heroes mug an old demon for his boat and make their strangest friend yet.

Hell and High Water, Session Fourteen, The Homecoming

In which our heroes visit an ancient city and beat up the tour guide.

Hell and High Water, Session Fifteen, The Overdue Inspection

In which our heroes inspect an old weapons testing facility and make vigorous improvements.

Hell and High Water, Session Sixteen, The Lawgivers and the Law

In which our heroes take a detour into Heaven and win a court case.

Hell and High Water, Session Seventeen, The Ancient Child

In which our heroes meet the final member of their Lunar Pack and retake their First Age base.


Session Eighteen, The Warstriders and the Volcano

In which our heroes discover their giant robot heirlooms and acquire a secret volcano lair.


Reflections, Session Nineteen, The Hands of Fate

In which we meet some new heroes, and they meet each other.

Reflections, Session Twenty, The Passing of the Torch

In which one hero dies, only to help create another.

Reflections, Session Twenty-One, The Twin Rebirths

In which our heroes recover the possessions of their newest members.

Reflections, Session Twenty-Two, The Twin Discoveries

In which our heroes discover the fate of Luthe's former queen.

Reflections, Session Twenty-Three, The Seven-Sided Raid

In which our new heroes recover the rest of our heroes.

Reflections, Session Twenty-Four, The Great Convocation

In which our heroes prepare their forces for the upcoming battle.

Reflections, Session Twenty-Five, The Rising of the Sunken City

In which our heroes bring their sunken kingdom back to life and tame a metallic monster.

Reflections, Session Twenty-Six, The Battle of the Scarlet Sea

In which our heroes and most of the West take on the Silver Prince.

Interlude The Second[]

Session Twenty-Seven, The Intermission

In which our heroes find their worst enemy is within themselves.

Cultivating the East[]

Cultivating the East, Session Twenty-Eight, The Two Towers

In which our heroes find a new base of operations.

Cultivating the East, Session Twenty-Nine, The Great Forks and The Golden Tongs

In which Immaculates, not salads, were tossed.

Cultivating the East, Session Thirty, The Dark Tarot

In which the power of Denandsor is restored... almost.

Cultivating the East, Session Thirty-One, The Great Crossroads

In which new friends and enemies are made and a lion learns to fly.

Cultivating the East, Session Thirty-Two, The Juggernaut (..., bitch)

In which our heroes go spelunking in a dying behemoth and Takara is a right bastard, yet again.

Cultivating the East, Session Thirty-Three, The Rose of Thorns

In which our heroes make a deal with a Deathlord and prune a squid.

Cultivating the East, Session Thirty-Four, The Observatory

In which many questions are answered and our heroes discover their greatest challenge yet.

The New Year[]

The New Year, Session Thirty-Five, The Tale of Two City-Gods

In which Denandsor is fixed and Houston's a dick.

The New Year, Session Thirty-Six, The Celestial Olympics

In which our heroes lie... a lot.

The New Year, Session Thirty-Seven, The Bullying of The East

In which the West beats up the East and takes its lunch money.

The New Year, Session Thirty-Seven, The Crossroads Revisited

In which our heroes have a friendly bout with a fellow Solar and a training montage occurs.

The New Year, Session Thirty-Nine

In which a light-hearted battle takes a dark turn.

The New Year, Session Forty

In which Amber comes out to her parents, and our heroes go to hell and make a deal with a demon.

Arc Title[]

Session Forty-One, The Three-Layered Reunion

In which Fern returns, and then dies. Sort of.

Session Forty-Two, The Plot Within a Plot (8 January 2010)

In which our heroes attempt to pit their enemies against each other, and receive unexpected compensation.

Session Forty-Two-Point-Five, The Balancing Analysis (11 January 2010)

In which our heroes try to unravel the layers of confusion they and their enemies have built up.

Session Forty-Three

In which our heroes encounter the forces underlying the universe.

Session Forty-Four

In which our heroes accept yet another quest.

Session Forty-Five

In which our heroes recover a war machine and meet a mysterious woman.

Red Sky at Night[]

Red Sky at Night, Session Forty-Six, Eight P.M. (9 May 2010)

In which our heroes release a black dragon and win a new sword.

Red Sky at Night, Session Forty-Seven, Nine P.M. (June 2010)

In which our heroes deal with a few of the last adventure's repercussions.

Red Sky at Night, Session Forty-Eight, Ten P.M. (July 2010)

In which our heroes rescue one adversary and bargain with another.

Red Sky at Night, Session Forty-Nine, Eleven P.M.

In which...

Red Sky at Night, Session Fifty, Midnight

In which a great saga ends and a new age begins.

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