"We're drivin' down the road, looking for a Waffle House, drinking lots of Wild Turkey!"

This is a wiki for the Bad Company campaign of the Supernatural RPG run by Rey.

Hunters (Player Characters)[]

Cody Flint, played by Dean

Alexander Schwartz, played by Jeff

Danielle Marino, played by Jess

Matthew Ceneage, played by Mike

Joseph Thomas, played by Steve

Alan Roberts, played by Teager

Guest Player Characters[]

Buttercup, played by Victoria


Season One[]

Session 1: There's a Bathroom on the Right

Session 2: A Town Divided

Session 3: The Taste of the Hunt

Session 4: A Witch! Burn her!

Session 5: Some People Collect Stamps

Session 6: Island of Hope, Island of Tears

Session 7: Chasing Faeries

Session 8: The Eyes Have It (Or rather, the other way around)

Session 9: And You Thought Waffle House was Safe

Season Two[]

Session 10: In Pursuit of a Time Traveler Rifle Woman

Session 11:

Session 12:

Session 13: Ghost Pirates and Sea Monsters

Session 14: Dark Day

Session 15: Rubedo

Session 16: Plague and Paracelsus in the Past

Session 17: Missing Spooks

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Map of the Party's Travels