"Where does the Path of Loyalty lie?"

Earth is no more. The Spacefaring Seven have submitted to The Order to investigate the truth about Mother.

Dramatis Personae[]

Spacefaring Seven[]


  • Ceegee, Dr. (Chief Science Officer at space station Margaret)
Dr. Ceegee is a first rate scientist working along the very edge of human innovation in energy field research. His efforts kept space station Margaret powered through the entire assault of Earth. He developed the earliest energy shields used on Sol based ships. He worked for and with Janos Kablos and Colonel Christopher Tag.
  • Corross (executive officer of Earth First; at Sol)
Commander Coross has a brilliant mind for running a bse or ship and for pleasures of the spirit. He keeps his affairs in order and his cigars lit. The soldiers serving with him enjoy his very corrosive attitude sometimes, just not when he is directing it at him. After the Earth was lost he set up a cigar shop on Miner's Delight. When he was working for Eath First he was Executive Officer under Jason Arnot, now he runs his shop alone.
  • Demassi, Cpt. (Captain, United Earth Force, W.S. Noble Star)
Captain Demassi was the Commanding Officer of Noble Star under the allied Earth Command before the invasion of Earth. It was the mission of Noble Star to keep the whereabouts of New Horizon secret until after Earth wa liberated from the overwhelming Jovian forces. Earth was never liberated, it was destroyed.
  • Eljoshyo
  • Jackstrop, Rodic (still missing)
  • Jerry!
  • Jolie, Dr. Walter (plagiarist)
  • Kablos, Janos (cyborg)
  • Macab (Technomage; at Miner's Delite)
  • McNeil, Travis (public defender)
  • Nemidia, Cardinal (Fetus-keeper; below Miner's Delite)
  • Oswald, Reginald (presumed retired)
  • Qazwer
  • Rev, Mercury (quest-giver; at Esperanza)
  • Sev
  • Simon (at Mars)
  • Thompson, Thomas (original fetus-holder; at Esperanza)
  • Virsky (at Esperanza)
  • Dr. Weston (gambler, cyberware doc)
  • Col. Tag
  • Torgo (Shaydim's former crewmate)
  • Shadowhawk (Shaydim's former crewmate)
  • Zero-One (Peach Bounty Hunter)


  • Earth First
  • Order of True Life


  • Bloated Goat (dreadnaught; Tywin's)
  • Briggs Freelancer (cargo)
  • Esperanza de Nether (superhuge commercial)
  • Lorraine (unarmed six-armed frigate)
  • New Horizon (corvette, former experimental FTL drive)


  • F-Gate Cluster
  • Miner's Delite - near galatic center
  • Pal II System
  • Sol System - origin of Spacefaring Seven


  • Fertility Goddess (location unknown)
  • Shivatandravastotra (Fetus; with Nemidia)
  • Gimbel-Mounted Gravity-Lattice Inducing, Neutrino Synchronizer