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For years, a cold war has been waged between fae and human. A new discovery may finally bring and end but will it end in peace or destruction? The court of Alvie has long been at war with the humans of Columbus and a secret society of humans has kept them in check. Now the fae have found an artifact which could turn the tide of the war. The humans have requested a summit to discuss a possible peace. Will they reach an agreement or will the fae overwhelm and enslave them? You decide in this two day event. Attendance on both days is suggested but not required.


This is an information and development page for a LARP event at the 2012 Origins Game Fair. If you plan on playing and do not want spoilers, do not dig deeper into this wiki! If you would like to help develop the event, please look at the following pages.


  • Characters - Go here if you want to help create some pregen characters, look over pregens and choose one for the game, or get your own character approved
  • Development - HERE THERE BE SPOILERS This is the general page for plot development, etc. If you'd like to help out, provide feedback, or just see what's going on you can go here.