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For uncounted centuries Watch Fortress Ericho lies hidden in the untamed void. Its existence unknown outside the inquisition and the secretive brotherhood of the Deathwatch but to a view carefully chosen it holds vigil over the Jericho Reach.

The mighty halls of the bastion resonant with faith unbreakable and the iron will of elite fighters hand picked by their chapter masters. They are the last defence against humanities foes in its most vile form. They are chosen to protect His Light merciless and unrelenting - they are Deathwatch.

The three of you are called to attention as a most unusual guest arrives. A signal was given that must be followed. And a voice unheard since the long watch was ordered sacrosanct echoes in the holy edifice.

As the three brothers enter the chapel of His Light Unfaltering next to Brother Watch Captain Gervhard stands a figure in a purple cape face hidden under her hood except for one silverwhite strand of hair. Whispered words die away and Gervard beckons you to enter.

As the stranger turns to face you blessed servos whirr to power one of the Imperiums ancient armours and white hair floats down armoured shoulders. Watch Captain Gervhard introduces the stranger: "Please introduce yourself to our honoured guest Seraphim Isabell of the Order of the Bloody Rose."


Primary Objectives

  • Search and claim the "Burning Siren"

Secondary Objectives

  • Set Beacon on board, weather ship or space-hulk

Tertiary Objectives

  • Cleanse the object of Chaos

Part One - ResearchEdit

  • Prophecy of Karak Aldestan
  • Research in the library and the restricted vault

Part Two - KhazantEdit

Part Three - XO17-IXEdit

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