Campaign summary and notes for The Twisting Halls, the first adventure in the campaign The Second Dawn.

Session Date
1: Strength in Numbers ?

Zalbag and Valdar are charged with a mission: to find and return a box stolen from the merchant Traevus in a goblin raid. Recruiting the help of Mae and Nadaar, they interrogate a goblin prisoner and set off, armed with the location of the goblins' lair and the name of their master, Malareth. Meanwhile, Edan and Nerisora hunt for goblin captives kidnapped from the surrounding countryside.

The parties converge at a ruined watchtower, spying on a goblin party who discusses a hidden entrance to their lair guarded by a being named Farallax. When they are discovered, the adventurers must join forces to fend off the goblins. After the battle, they form an alliance to venture into the goblin hideout, the once forgotten minotaur temple of Ba'rath Tor.

2: Silver Tongues ?

The group sneaks into Ba'rath Tor, immediately springing on an unsuspecting group of kobolds. The battle is cut short with the emergence of Farallax, an imposing fledgling dragon. Precariously close to a deadly fight with the creature, the heroes manage to negotiate a truce when Edan points out their common enemy, Malareth. Promising Farallax a share of their spoils in exchange for access to a secret passage, the party continues on, now well and truly sealed in the temple. In the goblins' storeroom, they save a wolf, whom they nickname Duran, from more goblins, dispatching them and their bugbear leader, Kurrash.

3: Druids and Deceptions 2/20/2011

Bursting into Malareth's secret workshop, the party finds the necromancer busy with Traevus's box and its unexpectedly sinister contents. In the midst of battle with Malareth's undead minions, Nerisora frees a dwarf prisoner, the wolf's master, and disrupts the necromancer's work. Victorious with the help of their new ally, the party executes an uncooperative and unrepentant Malareth.

The dwarf, a druid named Osric Thorn from the Harkenwold, has many revelations: Traevus's missing artifact is a foul magic skull that saps the power of primal spirits, and Traevus himself was an associate of the necromancer, likely enlisting the party's help only to kill Malareth after their alliance went sour. Entrusting the skull to Osric for disposal, the party prepares to continue their trek, now aware that they stand in a secret shrine to the evil deity Tiamat.