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About me/Über mich[]

Hi Thanks for stopping by. I'm Gwynn, mostly active on MyraPedia, because I don't spend as much time as I could on this wiki. But I have adopted this wikia and became more active. I'd add much more on Myra as a RPG world to present it in a directly playable version for prospective DMs/GMs. As it is, you'll have to check out http://myra.fandom.com - or for the english language version go to http://myra.fandom.com/wiki/MainPage-EN

--IrasCignavojo (talk) 00:38, 7 August 2021 (UTC)


These pages can contain spoilers - Dungeon Masters should feel free to browse and research anything. Players of my campaigns should stick to the player page category "Spielerseite", which I will install here.

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