This is Wesley Fraser, and I have so much to report! Today I met other people out in the not-so-uninhabitable wasteland – a whole group of them, as a matter of fact! They looked pretty scary at first, but they turned out to be very friendly. They took me to their leader – a man named Aradesh – and he explained that his people left Vault 15 almost 20 years go, and formed an aboveground community called Shady Sands.

This is both good news and bad news. The bad news is that Vault 15 is abandoned – there may not be an intact water chip to recover, although Aradesh said with enough time I might be able to find one through wandering traders, not that we have that much time. There are also raiders to contend with, although I’m told they mostly keep to the south.

The good news is that Aradesh was able to create a sustainable community using his G.E.C.K. and it worked. If I can’t recover a new water chip in time, there’s no reason we can’t create our own little Eden outside Vault 13 and use it for fresh water and the like while still enjoying all of the comforts of home. Aradesh even offered to help us with setup and to avoid some of the growing pains experienced by Shady Sands.

However, I have no yet given up on my mission. The people of Shady Sands are very helpful, and they’ve helped outfit me with equipment I need to travel to Vault 15 to see if a replacement water chip can be recovered from there after all. Even though life is hard for them, they seem to be good people. In return I have helped them as I can, fixing their generator to provide power to their community.

I’m sleeping here tonight, and setting out in the morning to travel to Vault 15. If I’m successful, I should have the water chip and be heading back to Vault 13 within 24 hours!