This past weekend we got in two sessions of the Dyl campaign.

Saturday's session started where the last left off -- with Dyl in front of Bert's door with her phone ringing, Garwood Marshall on the caller ID. We started the session with her answering the phone, luckily only to be told Marshall wanted her help for a club-infiltration mission sometime in the near future, but not that night.

Dyl got off the phone quickly, and then went upstairs to Bert's apartment for some brief awkward conversation followed by crazy bed-breaking vitae-infused sex. They finished just early enough for Dyl to shower and grab a cab back to the Chantry. During the cabride home, Dyl tried to return the phone call from her boyfriend Kamel that she'd ignored during her sex with Bert, but couldn't get a hold of him.

Dyl returned to the Chantry just before dawn. When she returns to her room Christian is still gone, but she has a short message from Angar -- he's being send to Egypt. Alarmed since usual Angar's "missions" are really death sentences for doing something wrong, Dyl tried to contact Angar by projecting herself into one of his dreams.

Dyl somewhat succeeded, but not as she'd planned -- instead of entering Angar's dreams, she wound up in possession of his body while he was in torpor. She turned on his phone to leave him a message, but the (relatively) blinding light sent her back into her own body. When she reconnected with Angar, he was awake, and they had a conversation where she projected her thoughts and he answered on his phone.

Pleased with herself, Dyl ended the conversation and went to sleep. When she awoke, she groggily took a shower, and was startled when she looked in the mirror to discover she had developed a third eye! After verifying with a ghoul that the eye really existed, she was summoned down to Nicolai's personal chamber...