Monday on the drive back from Chicago Dyliana and I continued our campaign.

Dyl entered Nicolai's small, cramped, book-lined personal chamber, and immediately asked if she was going to be killed. Nicolai responded that he hoped not, and spent some time examining Dyl's new third eye. After careful study, Nicolai placed a mystical mark on Dyl's forehead to identify her as a Tremere (rather than a Salubri) to other Tremere seers.

Nicolai then revealed to Dyl that she was not the only Tremere to have this happen -- two other Tremere seers have developed third eyes as well. Warning that Vicissitude wasn't a safe choice to deal with the situation, Nicolai said he would try to arrange for Dyl to learn Obfuscate from the Nosferatu for now until a more permanent situation could be arranged.

Happy to still be alive, Dyl filled Christian in on what was going on, and reported to Roreca to discuss what to do in the meantime. Roreca agreed to get her access to certain rare restricted tomes, and walked with her downstairs from the library to the ghoul station. Dyl made sure she had a fresh supply of blood, and was pleased that when Bert arrived he seemed concerned about her.

Two ghouls were assigned to assist Dyl in securing disguises for her third eye, and Roreca promised more ghouls would be assigned to her if she needed them for testing her new powers, which she suggested she restrict to the Chantry proper for now. Full up on blood and with the ghouls sent to the store to buy her new hats and scarves, Dyl attempted once again to call back her boyfriend Kamel.

Kamel was very excited because he'd found a new group to continue his search for universal truth -- a small clutch of people who believe they have tapped into the Celestial Chorus and are interested in helping Kamel make the same journey. Kamel feels he's on the threshhold of a new awakening, and wants to discuss these heady new ideas with Dyl whenever she's free.